Sometimes re-painting a furniture piece is more about what you want to do with it than what color it it, or what finish it is. This cabinet is not old. It’s plain. It’s functional. I just painted it with Fusion Mineral Paint, in the color Casement, that requires no topcoat. It was a passionate project, brought on by the recent death of my dear Aunt Theresa. I loved her effervescent spirit all my life, and now she is gone. The last of our family in my parents’ generation.


IMG_0045 2 (1)

I used this simple cabinet as a backdrop to hang the christening ensemble, made by my French Canadian grandmother, out of Aunt Theresa’s wedding dress (that she also made).

Aunt Theresa and Mom were expecting their first babies simultaneously, and for each, my Mémère lovingly made matching sets of lace dresses, a satin cape, and a tiny bonnet.

My brother, sister, and I all wore our set, and my three cousins wore theirs. Decades later, my girls, Jenny and Mia, were baptized in our lovely keepsake. Some day Steve and I hope to see our grand babies do the same.

Baptism photo from 1950s.

Here is my brother Russ in the christening gown on his special day at a week old, with his godparents.


My grandparents, parents, godparents, aunts and uncles, and brother are all in heaven. Probably playing cards and telling magical stories about our times together. We were so very close.


Now, this ensemble, so beautifully made by my gifted Mémère, seamstress extraordinaire, evokes immediate family memories.


And it is hung with care, on very soft hangers, where I can enjoy it every single day.

I get a bit misty-eyed every time I pass it. I dearly wish that it will last for many generations to come.