DIY Furniture Finish Challenge

Recently I announced the DIY Furniture Finish Challenge. I love figuring out how to get the look of an inspiration photo to share. And I’m thinking some of you might like to join me!

Here are the photos that several folks posted on Facebook that they would love to get a recipe for.

DIY Furniture Finish Challenge

I love the gorgeous yellow and grey pattern as inspiration for a furniture finish. What a lovely table top! And the soft grey, more modern shimmer on the dresser is classy and perfect for many pieces. The settee is rustic and inviting and a bit French.

DIY Furniture Finish Challenge

These finishes are quite crusty and worn!

Want to choose one or more to tackle? Simply analyze a photo. What products would be perfect to get the look? Then, choose colors and a finish, like wax or a clear coat.


Create the finish on a piece of furniture, or just use a sample board. Photograph the final finish, and write down your recipe including the products you used. Step by step photos with the instructions on how you got the look are preferred, but not required. Email it all to me to share on a future blog post and social media!

No deadline. We are all swamped. Just have fun with it!

I will choose one and post it as well.

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