How to use the Color Inspiration Notebook

Do you have your very own Color Inspiration Notebook? Are you anxious to jump in to get started? Or perhaps you want one, but curious about how to use it before you purchase?

Perfect! To demonstrate how easy it is to get started, I am going to show you how I am putting my Notebook to use to work on a project in our master bedroom.

Follow along this week as I tackle refinishing our master bedroom furniture (eekkkk), and how I figured out what color to use, what finish to do, and how to make it work with what we already have and like in the room.

FIRSTflip through the Notebook’s color wheel pages until you find your color scheme. It can be your existing one, or a new one.

What inspires you about the photos you see?

For me, the WHITE PAGE confirmed that I wanted brightness to open up our dark room which is in the back of the house. The page also helped me decide to repaint the walls white, instead of keeping the mid-tone grey-green. The BLUE-GREEN page showcases our pottery, which is textured and works beautifully with our rich velvet duvet cover and old books. The NEUTRAL page features some rustic finishes. It helped me decide to take our 30-year-old Danish Modern teak furniture to an updated soft wash. Have been wanting to do this for years, but never knew how to make a decision!

Choose your color scheme pages in the Notebook

STEP TWOTape your personal inspiration photos, colors and fabrics on the backs of the pages. You can gather items you already have, or begin shopping for the ones you want to use for the project.

Use the back sides of the Notebook pages

What next? Meet me back here at tomorrow!


If you have decided you MUST HAVE a Notebook, never fear, you can look up a retailer near you or order one.


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