Hanging An Old Sign

The past year has been a blur of activity for me. My Patch of Blue Sky is my second business, and entrepreneurs know that carefree weekends rarely happen, even though weekends are spent doing what we love.

I have been working like a crazy person for clients on locally owned store updates, social media, websites, creative blogging for DIY paint and products. Not to mention developing training materials and traveling. I love it all!

But, I have had to decide what my business IS and what it is NOT. Sometimes figuring out what you are NOT is harder, but ultimately very freeing. Like getting rid of some junk and keeping the good stuff.

So, you are wondering what I decided? Well, I am NOT all things to all people. I am NOT a big time blogger. I am NOT interested in drama.

I AM focused on working with creative, excited people and brands who hire me for what I can bring them. Out-of-the-box ideas, some writing, some photography, lots of enthusiasm for helping them grow their businesses.

I AM independent with no strings. I work with people, products and brands I support wholeheartedly, impartially, passionately. They don’t have to mingle.

Sleepy kitty

Now, after over a year, it is Saturday and I am drinking java with jazz and a sleepy kitty.

I am hanging a junkin’ treasure over my office window – like a cornice – with cast iron stars to remind me that the sky’s the limit!