How to do a project with the Color Inspiration NotebookYesterday we used the Color Inspiration Notebook to select colors from the built-in color wheel. The basic colors, and photos on the front pages, help keep color selection simple. The gorgeous photos can assist in thinking through options like texture, furniture finishes and combinations, and just design in general. No need to deal with every color in the rainbow now.

Today let’s do another quick assessment of what I have on hand for my project and what decisions still need to be made.

For my master bedroom project I am using inspiration from the WHITE, NEUTRAL and BLUE-GREEN pages. White represents bedding and sheers. Blue-Green is my pottery, old books and velvet duvet cover, and Neutral, is the major portion of my project – refinishing three large pieces of furniture in the room, now Danish Modern.

I want to update the very simple furniture to a current, trending finish. It seems easy and daunting at the same time.

How to do a project using the Color Inspiration Notebook

Here at the bottom of the photo you can see my furniture finish inspiration: sort of a wash of greys and tans. I really like it. But I have three large pieces – platform bed and two dressers – and I am concerned too much of this finish will begin to look a little like barn wood. I think I need something simpler and more classic.

How to do a project with the Color Inspiration Notebook

I also looked more closely at accessories in the room. I had never really noticed how many shiny objects and metallics like silver and gold were in there. Since I’m happy with everything BUT the furniture set, I want to keep the metallics in mind when designing the finish.

How to do a project with the Color Inspiration Notebook

My toughest decision was to paint the teak furniture which I have had for a very long time. I have looked at new furniture at the High Point Furniture Market often, but we truly love what we have and it is beautifully made.

So, the Notebook has confirmed that I love what I have in the room, and helped me realize I need to look further for a furniture finish. And then, choose a paint color and make a sample.

Come back here tomorrow and see what I have designed!


Blogger Kim Yeager of is giving away a Color Inspiration Notebook to a lucky winner this week! Kim’s gorgeous table is featured in the Notebook. If you have not yet connected with Kim, please do. She is so well known for her amazing contributions to Junk Bonanza and Flea Market Style, PLUS her blog and design work is to die for.

Photo of Kim Yeager's blue painted table

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