Upcycle An Old Battered Chest In Blues


Upcycled old chest, using Fusion Renfrew and Homestead Blue.

No doubt, Fusion Mineral Paint is one of the fastest and easiest ways to update a piece of furniture. The eco-friendly, matte finish, 100% acrylic paint won my heart a couple of years ago.

If you know my style, I love to layer, add texture and patterns, and more. But lately I am craving a total simplicity option: a quick way to update a piece, with NO clear coat or wax required. Used gently for 21 days to dry and cure, this product is super durable.

Having been a project blogger for many years, I am gloriously blessed with the opportunity to try out many fabulous home décor ideas with a variety of paint, patterns, and tools. And, over all of those years, our house gets, quite frankly, over-projected at times.

So I have been on a mission to redirect my style, though always a bit boho and eclectic, to a more serene place of quiet backgrounds with unique art and colorful accents.

Rather like a cozier version of an art gallery.

At the moment, I have unleashed this new passion in our guest bedroom. No, there is nothing new. Not one thing. Just using what I have in new ways.

This week, I multi-tasked painting this little vignette of chest and mirror. You may have seen it over the years, featuring other looks. These photos show the very beginning – a couple of fun old pieces with potential, bought a decade ago.

The before - an old photo of this brown, wooden chest, and mirror.

After a good cleaning, and a light sanding, I painted a coat of Homestead Blue, let it dry, then washed on a coat of Renfrew Blue. I watered down this layer about 15% and used a very wide artist brush. For the natural top, I just wiped on some Fusion Beeswax Finish to bring back the luster.

Just a quick and simple paint project, with a tiny peek of color underneath to add interest. Some glass pulls add a touch of sparkle.

The bonus for me was – no top coat!

Find your Fusion paint color combo here, and try colors that you normally would not think of to layer together!


I painted the plain old mirror with Matthew Mead Studio Metallic Pale Gold, and added a layer of gold foil. Then I placed another more ornate mirror, also painted with Fusion products in a german silver finish, over it. (Connect with your local Fusion merchant for workshops on finishes like these.)

FullSizeRender 4 (1)

Hope you will give Fusion Mineral Paint and other great products a try. They are a wonderful addition to others you already love.

Now, off to my next guest bedroom mini-upcycle! Love to see what you are doing, too.

{This post is sponsored by Fusion Mineral Paint. They graciously allow me to create projects with their amazing products. The content and ideas are my own.}