Two-Color Foil And Torn Paint Cabinet Finish


Photo of silver and gold foil grey painted cabinet finish.

{Although this post is sponsored by Artisan Enhancements, the idea and comments are my own.

I created this finish to enhance the rustic construction of this narrow sideboard. Somehow the unexpected pop of shiny foil reflects the light in the dark corner, and I love how it works together with the sunburst gold mirror, the stenciled wall, and old red books.

Though I could have sold this piece many times, I have grown to love its rustic and warm patina. It has found a permanent home in our hallway where we enjoy it daily.

Would you like to reproduce this rustic, French manor-looking effect? Let’s do it!


• Cabinet or door for sample

• Artisan Enhancements Brushed Gold & Brushed Aluminum foil, Leaf & Foil Size, Clear Topcoat Sealer, Scumble, Clear Finish

• Arles, Paris Grey, Emperor’s Silk, Olive & Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

• rags, brushes, stiff brush, containers


Photo of Arles and Paris Grey Chalk Paint® cabinet door.

Clean the surface of your piece. Paint two coats of Arles, using random strokes. Let dry. Brush on a heavy, random coat of Paris Grey. As it is drying, watch for the thicker areas that are still puddled and wet. With your fingers, drag the paint area vertically to “tear” open the paint. Let dry.


Photo of silver and gold foil application.

Brush on Leaf & Foil Size – in the flat panel, and on the curved areas near the panel and the edges. Let come to tack 30 minutes to one hour. Using the gold for the edges first, use a straight edge of the foil and place it at the edges, GOLD SIDE UP. Press it down with your fingers, then burnish with a stiff brush. Complete all gold areas, the lay a crumpled sheet of the silver over the panel and burnish. Brush on one coat of Clear Topcoat Sealer over the entire surface to seal the sticky size. Let dry.


Photo of dark waxed, foiled, distress cabinet finish.

Mix a Scumble glaze with 1 part Emperor’s Silk, 2 parts Graphite and 2 parts Olive to 3 parts Scumble and brush on the entire surface. Wipe off excess glaze and let dry. OPTIONAL: Distress the edges with any tool, like a paint scraper. Finish with one thin coat of Clear Sealer.

Add your hardware and enjoy your masterpiece!

Photo of silver and gold painted cabinet

Photo of silver and gold foil Paris Grey cabinet finish

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