Texture Perfect For Garden Accents



Are you passionate about falling out of bed at zero-dark-thirty on Saturday morning, giant travel mug of java and yard sale treasure map in hand? Three serious junkin’ girlfriends and I used to meet in the dark for a quickie bagel. Laura, our leader and yard-sale guru, had the newspaper section with all of the “best” sales all circled in yellow highlighter. Have cash, will shop.

We had more fun, laughs and camaraderie than humanly possible. Sometimes we spent a whole nickel on one tiny find for the entire trip. Sometimes one of use would hit the mother lode, and we’d all have to pitch in to make several trips in ALL of our vehicles to get the goods home.

That’s how we opened our former store, Feather Your Nest, many moons ago. I still have goodies hidden in every nook and cranny in our bungalow, with no basement or garage. I am talkin’ stashed people!

Last week I was fluffing our freshly painted mantel in the den, and discovered this extremely heavy, extremely ugly terra cotta orb from a distant yard sale – behind a leather chair. Who knew? I’m sure I had to have it because it had Potential.

Artisan Enhancements' products are perfect for the garden!

What to do with it? Well, one thing I love about some of the Artisan Enhancements products is that they are outdoor friendly. Since we just stained our huge deck, there are several pretty pots of posies that could use an artful addition to the mix.

So, in a skinny minute I was in the studio playing with products. What did I use to get the look?


• ARTISAN ENHANCEMENTS  Clear Topcoat Sealer, Easy Crackle, Clear Finish, round paint brush

• Old White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

• extra paint brushes, rags

If your piece has never been sealed, brush or roll on a thin coat of non-yellowing Clear Topcoat Sealer. My terra cotta ball was very porous, so I did this step first.


Artisan Enhancements' products are perfect for the garden!

Brush on Old White. If you paint has gotten really thick over time, you can squirt a little water on the surface if you like, depending upon the look you want.

Another great exterior choice here would be to tap on Fine Stone. It will crack just like Chalk Paint®, but I decided not to, so I would have more irregular color showing.


Artisan Enhancements' products are perfect for the garden!

I use two heavy coats to be sure I got lots of cracks. I stippled on the coats, and caught any drips that developed. Just follow the container directions for drying and recoat times.


Artisan Enhancements' products are perfect for the garden!

I used a pouncing motion, with lots of paint on the bristles. Remember not to go back over any area you have already painted. In this photo you can see how fast the cracks started to appear! Let dry.

Brush on a thin coat of non-yellowing Clear Finish, which has a satin sheen. The beauty of this protective coat is that it is perfect for outdoor projects. And, you may remember, so is Chalk Paint®, which needs no exterior topcoat. Since I used the Easy Crackle, which is an interior product, I add the quick coat of Clear Finish, just in case.

Now take your very high-end, expensive-looking yard art outdoors to to decide on the perfect placement.


I left mine on the bright side, because our deck and back yard are always in full shade.

Artisan Enhancements' products are perfect for the garden!

No matter where I roamed amongst our totally imperfect, un-plucked and wild-growing petunias and herbs, my crusty orb stood out beautifully.


I am expecting it to take on a natural, earthy patina over the winter that will tone it down a bit.

I briefly thought about mixing up the moss-making cocktail using buttermilk and fresh moss in the blender to coat the surface, but decided to let it evolve on its own.


Love the look paired with our naturally patinated copper angel.

Have you already done a tour of your attic or basement to unearth something with Potential to paint for your yard?

Great! And here’s how to locate an Artisan Enhancements retailer near you.