Paint Your Front Door “Playful”


{Although this post is sponsored by Modern Masters, the ideas and comments are my own.}

Painted front door with artwork.

It’s July in North Carolina – time for cookouts on the deck, trips to the pool and, some days when the heat is unbearable, looking for easy projects to do in the shade or indoors! Painting our front door was one way to beat the heat and improve our curb appeal in one afternoon.  I discovered Modern Masters new Front Door Paint and immediately fell in love with their mouth-watering color palette.

What did my “before” look like? Here it is. Always love this color but I was ready for a colorful new look. Not to mention a paint that would not fade in our blazing morning sun.


How did I choose our new color? Over the years I have created some personal criteria. The color needs to pop to compensate for the deep shadows that appear late in the day. Plus, we have a glass storm door, so any color gets dulled down through the glass. Having been an artist and faux finisher for many years, choosing color is easy and I am not afraid of going bold. Black, green and warm orange have all graced our entrance, which is within a deep courtyard.

I looked to the artwork in our art-gallery-style entry:

Front door paint with artwork.

And I also picked up on the warm reds and pops of purple in the front entry courtyard. Can you see that I also love rusty stuff? I wanted the front door color to say, “An artist lives here.”

Front courtyard with art and flowers.

For those of you who have a tougher time choosing color, there is a perfect free Front Door Paint iPhone App and a free Front Door Paint Android App – on both, you can take a photo of your door and scroll through the Front Door Paint colors to see what your door would look like with the different colors. There are 24 front door paint colors based on the emotional color wheel (like Hopeful, Mysterious, Elegant and more).

I was thrilled to discover that Front Door Paint is water-based, covers in two coats, dries quickly to a satin finish, and never fades. But, before I could begin my quick transformation I had to deal with 35 years of oil-based paint using an oil primer. It’s one extra step but you’ll appreciate it in coming years.

Here are some tips for getting the job done quickly and professionally. Translation: Here are all of the tips I can offer you from learning the hard way!



• Front Door Paint: Modern Masters Front Door Paint. Here in North Carolina I get my Front Door Paint fix at Lowe’s in Mooresville, Huntersville, Matthews and Charlotte. See more Lowe’s and Ace Hardware retailers here.  But never fear you can also hop on and the Modern Masters online shop to purchase.

• Primer: Zinsser Cover Stain Primer also found at Lowe’s

• Tools: Paint pan, low-nap paint roller, 2 1/2″ angled sash brush for water-based paint and if needed, a 2 1/2″ angled sash brush for oil-based paint and paint thinner

• Incidentals: Razor blade, Tape, Rags, Stir sticks, Screw Driver or Drill, Dropcloth or Newspapers, Step Stool


Remove door hardware.

Plan your project for good weather, between about 40 to 90 degrees. Front Door Paint dries quickly but do allow drying time so that you can close the door without the paint sticking.

Wash off dirt and grease with detergent and let dry. Remove loose paint. Remove all of the numbers and hardware from the door. I know taping is quicker, but taking off the hardware assures a crisp, clean end result. Place the elements of each lock with the screws in a group for easy installation later.


Tape hinges and glass.

Tape off the hinges and glass unless you have an extra-steady hand with the brush. If you’re wondering why I don’t remove these, I have a confession. There is such a build-up of old that paint they are permanently affixed.

A tip for hinges is to tape over them and use a razor blade to remove the excess.

STEP THREE  – Only if your door is already painted in oil-based paint.

Prime front door and glass door.

Use your oil brush and Zinsser primer to cut in recessed areas on the wood door and to paint the storm door. Use the roller to paint the flat panels if you choose. Clean up using paint thinner. Follow drying instructions on the container, but my primer dried in about 30 minutes. Don’t worry, primer always looks wimpy but it works like a charm.


Paint two coats.

Switch to your water-based paint brush and paint two coats of Front Door Paint. Brush in the direction of the grain. I was planning to roll the paint on the flat surfaces but after cutting in with the brush I was amazed. The paint glided on so smoothly that I just used the brush. The paint dried in an hour and I was able to re-coat in two hours.


After Front Door Paint.

Wash the brush in soap and water, re-install the hardware, step back and enjoy the beautiful results! And yes, the neighbors will love it. Everyone who walks by our home with a dog and a cup of coffee has commented on the transformation!

Now that you see how simple it is to beautify your abode, what color will you choose?

Modern Masters Front Door Paint

Now that you’re primed (that’s a pun) to get started, you can find Front Door Paint at selected Lowe’s and Ace Hardware shops, Amazon and the Modern Masters online shop.

Have fun!
{Disclosure: This is a paid featured post in conjunction with Modern Masters. All opinions, projects, and ideas are based on my own experience.}