Turn Orange Teak Into Grey Weathered Wood


The final weathered wood finish

My master bedroom furniture is almost completely refinished. It went from 30-year-old teak veneer that seemed to turn more orange every year, to the loveliest soft weathered grey!

Orange teak to weathered grey finish

How did I create the finish? I used my Color Inspiration Notebook to narrow down my color scheme for the bedroom accessories, bedding and sheers, then the three huge pieces of mid-century modern style furniture. Next I sifted through my NEUTRAL furniture finish choices to find my favorite. Sadly, I realized that my fav was too busy for a platform bed with attached storage and two giant dressers.

Finally, I chose the two colors that were perfect and created a sample on a small drawer.



(NOTE: Annie now has a white wax. For this project, you can use it by itself, without mixing clear wax with paint.)

• Coco & Old White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

• Clear Soft Wax

• water, stir sticks, 220-grit sandpaper, rags, cheesecloth, paint brush and containers


Recipe for wathered grey furniture finish

Lightly sand to scuff up the shiny clearcoat. Wipe off. My furniture is teak veneer. It is very good quality, but veneer should be treated a bit carefully when sanding.

In a container, add about 30% water to Coco and mix. The consistency should be like whipped cream. Use a wide brush with lots of bristles to brush on a coat. Let dry and add another coat. (Resist the urge to do one thicker coat! You don’t want brush strokes, but rather almost a heavy “stain.”) Let dry.

Lightly sand again and wipe. You should see the grain, but no brush strokes or heavy paint coverage.


Mix Old White Chalk Paint® with Soft Clear Wax

I have to be honest, my many years as a faux finisher taught me to “practice” the finish by starting with the smallest pieces, like my small drawers, then working up to the large side panels and tops. That way if you need to adjust your wax mix, it’s easy to repaint a small drawer front and start over. The beauty of using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is that you CAN paint over wax!

In a container mix Clear Soft Wax with Old White. My final mix was 2 parts wax to 1 part paint. Mix really well.

Use a heavy, flat pad of cheesecloth as large as the palm of your hand to rub the mix into the painted surface. When you do the larger drawers and panels, work in long sections with the grain. Complete an entire drawer or panel and work quickly. After applying the first wax, continue turning and changing your cheesecloth while wiping to remove all of the excess wax. After about 30 minutes, wipe and buff again to a soft sheen.

How to design a furniture finish


I am painting the final piece in the bedroom – our platform bed that has attached side storage and drawers underneath. When I finish and get the room back in shape I will post the reveal.


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