Ugly Joint Compound Texture To Lustrous Venetian Plaster – Part 2



How to apply Modern Masters Venetian Plaster: DIY technique.

I hope you have already joined me to learn how to remove ugly texture in Part One. If not, click to the tutorial here.

If you have already removed texture and primed your walls, or, you don’t need to remove texture, but just want to learn how to apply Modern Masters Venetian Plaster on perfectly flat primed walls, perfect! Here we go:

For our den walls, I wanted to use Modern Masters Venetian Plaster Ultra Deep Tint Base to create a soft glowing white finish. The kind that is there but not there, depending upon the light and the time of day. This product can be tinted, but I opted to use it right out of the container as is to achieve a suede or stone-like appearance. (It can also be burnished with 400 grit sandpaper or a buffer to get a honed marble effect, which is another step beyond what you will learn here.)

So, Steve and I went from the original painted joint compound on the left in the photo below, to the stage where we used a sander to remove most of that texture seen on the right, to smoothing it out with layers of flat joint compound, then 2 coats of white primer.

How To: Remove ugly joint compound textured walls and add a Modern Masters Venetian Plaster finish.

This is the finished result! Pure white, smooth, lustrous, sexy walls!

It’s really difficult to photograph this somewhat ethereal finish perfectly, but here goes:

How To: Remove ugly joint compound textured walls and add a Modern Masters Venetian Plaster finish.

Was it worth the sweat, dust, mess, and disarray. Oh yeah!

Want to do it? Let’s go!

At this point your walls are perfectly flat, and prepped with 2 coats of water-based primer. The Venetian Plaster Tint Base has no pigment (titanium white) in it, so good coverage of white primer is essential to prevent show-through of anything underneath.


Modern Masters Venetian Plaster Ultra Deep Tint Base I used just under 2 gallons for 400 square feet of wall. Measure your walls, and order according to the specifications.

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster Topcoat This product seals and protects walls in high traffic areas and it goes a LONG way. You may even just need a quart depending upon your square footage.

Modern Masters Trowel Use the largest one for the job if your walls are big. A smaller one is great to have for narrower areas.

Painters tape, ladder, drop cloths, clean rags to wipe the trowel often, bucket of water, hawk to put plaster on to carry around.


Your moldings and trim should be taped off with painters tape, with 2 coats of white water-base primer applied and dry. Prepare the area with dropcloths. This is not really messy, but cover the furniture if you think you need to. (I was able to avoid taping because our trim is white, and I kept my trowel completely clean.)

Practice the Venetian Plaster application technique first if you have no prior experience. Although it is not difficult, it is a very flat look, and it takes a bit of skill. Try it on a leftover piece of drywall, in a closet, or maybe in the garage.

Remember that this finish is completely FLAT. Really. The word plaster is a bit misleading because plaster in some areas of the country is very textured.

Venetian Plaster is also a multi-step process, which is why it is so darn gorgeous. We will do three ultra-thin coats of the plaster, then one quick coat of the topcoat. Yes, this is a lot different than rolling on a coat of paint!

So, I prepared a little video for you, primarily to demonstrate how to use the plaster with the trowel. Watch the video through all the way first, then use it as you go through each step on your walls.

Plan to do this project over at least a weekend if you are not used to running up and down a ladder a lot. The products dry quickly, even in an hour or two. So by the time you finish one pass around the room, you will be ready to do the next step. Depending upon distractions like kiddos and pets, you can finish over a weekend. If you are crazy energetic, well, a long day might be enough. But pace yourself. It will be fine.

Feel free to contact me to ask questions, and of course, contact Modern Masters customer support, too, at 1.800.942.3166.

This post is sponsored by Modern Masters who provided me with Venetian Plaster products and tools. The opinions I have shared about the products are my own.