Gild A Wooden Decorative Statue


Gilding Lily a wooden santos

I fell in love with her in a warehouse. She was so forlorn. So sad. Hidden away in a dim, cold, storage building of treasures. Covered in dirt from the far corners of the earth. She looked – hardy. Sturdy. Like she’d been through life’s trials and tribulations.

One eyebrow was raised in anticipation of … something.

Gilding a carved wooden lady

Poor thing needed a bath. And I kept thinking she needed something more. You know.

She has been staring at me every day, right near my desk, for months.

Yesterday Lily got a makeover.

Gilding a carved wooden lady

Some Pure White Chalk Paint®. Some Old White Chalk Paint®. A dash of Dark Wax mixed with mineral spirits.

But she just needed SOMETHING. What?

This! A touch of makeup. French Gilding Wax in Empire Gold. Thank you Virginia Weathersby of the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing. Find your touch of magic here, or at a retailer near you.

Gilding a carved wooden lady

A touch of gold goes a long way.

Gilding a carved wooden lady

And my silver rosary, a special gift from my aunt, Sister Anita, seemed the perfect accent.

Gilding a carved wooden lady

Can you just see the hint of a smile?