Create A Crusty Copper Leaf Patina


{Although this post is sponsored by Artisan Enhancements, the ideas and comments are my own.}

Final textured finish with copper leaf.


As a faux finisher for over 15 years, I grew passionate about crusty, textured finishes, which became my signature look.

Try this really crusty finish:


• Frame or sample board. My rustic barnwood frame is from Michael’s

• Artisan Enhancements Products Leaf & Foil Size, Crackle Tex & Fine Stone (click here to find a retailer)

• Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in Florence, Duck Egg & Versailles

• Copper Leaf from craft stores or online

• brushes, wax paper, tin foil or a palette, stiff brush, 220-grit sandpaper, hairdryer optional
Paint on Leaf & Foil Size.
Remove the glass and backer. On front and sides paint on a coat of Leaf & Foil Size, missing some spots on purpose. Let come to tack.
Smooth on copper leaf with fingers.
Tap on a sheets of leaf and smooth with your fingers, missing some areas. Add more until you like the look. Smooth it all down with a crumpled sheet of wax paper. Use sandpaper and/or a stiff wire brush to distress.
Distress with sandpaper or a stiff brush.
Paint on Crackle Tex.
Paint on a thick coat of Crackle Tex, skipping some areas. Let dry or dry with a hairdryer.
Paint on Fine Stone.
Paint on Fine Stone, missing areas. Do not go back into areas already painted. Cracks will appear quickly. Let dry or use a hairdryer.
Fine Stone cracks.
Lay on Chalk Paint® colors.
Lay out the Chalk Paint® colors on a palette. Dip your brush into the deepest color and add some in select areas on all sides of the frame. Let dry or use another color here and there, dragging the brush across the grain of the wood so you don’t cover up all of the copper.
Age and patina will begin to appear. Stop when you like the look you have created!
Final textured copper finish.
Playing with Artisan Enhancements products is most fun. Mix and match with Chalk Paint® and don’t forget to use stencils too!
{Disclosure: This is a paid featured post in conjunction with Artisan Enhancements. All opinions, projects, and ideas are based on my own experience.}