halloween party

Nobody, but nobody puts on a Halloween party like my friends Sandra, Kim, Sophie and their husbands!

They plan, scheme, cook like fiends, decorate devilishly and dress up in creative, creepy costumes. And they out-do themselves time and time again.

This evening soiree was a sit-down “Witches Stew” for 30 ghosts and goblins.

Check out some of the evening’s characters, the grub and the dastardly decor…

The beatific Beetlejuice couple.


The pregnant smokin’ nun…

Smoking nun

The Lady Pirate and Frankenstein’s Wife…

Pirate's wife

Fabulous finger food…

Photo of finger food for Halloween

Pre-poisoned prosciutto…


Savory skewered eyeballs…

Photo of Skewered eyeballs for Halloween

Plump pumpkin soup…

Halloween pumpkin soup

And all of the goulish gourmet goodies imaginable.


There were wiggly webs,

Halloween party cobwebs

quoting ravens,


hand-some candles,

Skeleton Halloween party candle

witchy beverages,

Halloween party witches brew

scullery cornbread,

Halloween party cornbread

wee folks with wee appetites,


glamorous glitterati,

Halloween party skeleton

powerful potions,

Halloween party witches brew

potentially polluted popcorn,

Photo of Halloween party popcorn skeleton

and last year’s human sacrifice.


A hair-raising night fit for The Queen of Hearts, pirates, blind referees, performing Blues Brothers, undead Finnish sailors, football players, wanton witches and lots and lots of skeletons.


Oh, and me, Dale Evans, famous Halloween photographer and hubby George the Gangly Golfer. Not shown. We were hiding in fear.

Hope you conjured up a few goulish ideas for your party.

P.S. Have a scary safe evening!

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