Photo of pattern play in Peacock Pavilions dining room

Do you love modern furniture? I do. Love the sleek lines and inventive designs. Modern style fits in everywhere, if you love to mix like I do. I recently discovered the Modani line of modern furniture – their stores are found in large metro areas and their website is to die for.

Modani modern furniture recently noticed my rogue design style here on and I responded with this post. Since I tend to break lots of rules I decided to tackle Modani’s Rules To Break Number 3 – stick to one pattern per room.

Many of you know that I have traveled to Marrakech not once but twice with stencil pattern guru Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio. Working on projects at Peacock Pavilions, the home of design author and blogger Maryam Montague, I found an abundance of perfectly pleasing layered pattern. Above, in this stunning dining room, and really everywhere you go in Morocco, pattern used in mixed scales abounds.

Even meals and coffees are paired with patterned pottery, glassware and linens:

Photo of patterned food dishes

In this living area the white walls are the only surface not patterned – well, I take that back. Look at all of the curves and angles of the niches and fireplace!

Photo of Peacock Pavilions living area

Seating takes on a life of its own. Mixed fabrics. Textures. Wedding blankets used on chairs and pillows. Beading and fringe galore.

Mixed patterns in Morocco

Look up in Marrakech to discover pattern in the ceiling, light fixtures and even the shadows magically cast by the punched designs. Sometimes simple, often complex.

Photo of lighting and ceilings in Marakech

No fear that a stairway would be boring at Peacock Pavilions – tiny scale stencil designs by Melanie create a modern vibe and pick up the dark grey of the custom-made metal handrail.

Photo of stairway pattern at Peacock Pavilions

What were we working on while feasting on all of the pattern play in Morocco and Peacock Pavilions? This masterpiece of design created by Melanie Royals. A stunning focus wall in the master bedroom – behind the bed of course!

Photo of bedroom patterns in progress at Peacock Pavilions

Can’t you just visualize adding ANY of Modani’s furniture, lighting and mirrors here?

Rule Number 3 – totally broken!