As a DIY paint brand tutorial blogger, my home changes often. Sometimes even daily. My hubby Steve can leave for work in the morning, and come home to an entirely new look designed for a photo shoot. Thank goodness he’s a contractor and ongoing change is part of our life. My painted projects for several amazing brands (like Modern Masters, Royal Design Studio, Fusion Mineral Paint, Wood Icing, and more) all naturally become part of our home décor. Then suddenly I look around and realize I just crave going back to neutral. Meaning I want to change out furniture pieces, paint over others, and yes, get rid of a few.

Over time I have realized that my very favorite purchases remain for years, and I just love them dearly. So, my recent decision to change loveseats in our living room was pretty exciting around here! I have been contemplating a refreshed look, and one day as I was drinking morning coffee with kitties Buggy Buggerson and Gracie Lee, it dawned on me that one small change would make a huge impact. (Actually, Gracie had already brought up the subject, but I had to let it sink in.)

What do I love in this room that most likely will never change? My column collection, the bright and happy glass balls, and our 18-year-old white slipcovered matching sofas. Plus, our original finish green 100-year-old Hungarian cabinet.

As a color-lover I concluded that a coordinating hue could be almost anything. My mind was set on teal velvet. So lush, so plush. Who knows where that came from. (OK possibly another patch of blue.) I scoured the internet, Pinterest, and the High Point Furniture Market for choices. For months. To no avail.

Finally, these pretty persnickety felines and I discovered the purr-fect one. From Target. Yes, Target’s new Opalhouse line. (Nope they are not paying me.)

This beauty is oh-so soft, and the perfect eye-catching color even from the connecting kitchen.

I have also gone a bit gaga for totally textural black and white tribal pillows from World Market and mud cloth from Blue Ocean Traders to pair with this huge custom artwork, originally created for

This ginormous artwork still makes me very happy, and if you love it, here is the complete tutorial so you can create it for yourself: Large Japanese-Inspired Stenciled Artwork in 2 parts.

Opposite the gorgeous painted wall art is a chippy mantel, old gold frame and “H” initial, with yet more glass and mirrored stars, left over from the holidays ages ago. Glass, and this collection, is clearly a theme in this cozy room. An unintentional theme, but as it evolved I merely went with it. A scrap of black Moroccan wedding blanket from a fabulous carpet shop in the Marrakesh souks completes this vignette.

What else goes with the look I have going in this, our family favorite room?

Old mirrors painted white to open up the walls even more and reflect the columns, plus crisp clear lamps from with pure white shades.

And a practically glowing glass vessel by my talented friend Nancy Brooks of Sleeping’ Dog in Virginia.

I have repainted the round table back to a neutral grey. It was another, totally wonderful Fusion blog project that looked like this:

Are you wondering how I could possibly paint it over? I know. I loved it but to go with a more black and white room I opted to change it. It’s only paint, right? All is not lost! You can read my how-to here!

This unusual rustic removable tray table holds coordinating teal Virginia pottery and yet another glass table lamp.

Ornate scrolled sconces flank the black and white over-sofa painting.

This plant stand remains as is in another corner of the room. It was one of my Fusion Mineral Paint projects. Want to get the look? Click right here.

And, this little beaded horse, handmade in South Africa from Outpost Original, surveys it all.

So, I know you must be asking yourself, “What did the OLD loveseat look like?”

I always loved the former loveseat. It was a much-shared project years ago for that even appeared on Apartment Do you have a fabric piece that could use a paint (yes, paint) update, along with some pretty stenciling? Here’s how I did it!

I gave this loveseat to a dear friend of my daughter and her brand new police officer hubby. They are thrilled.

My Patch Of Blue Sky | How To Paint And Stencil A Fabric Loveseat Using Royal Design Studio Stencils

Have you seen Fifi O’neill’s most recent issue of BOHO Style yet?

It is still on the newsstands, and it features several rooms in our home, including this living room.

Stay tuned for more updates in our humble abode!

This is not a sponsored post. I happily shared my find sources in case you love something.