Here in North Carolina, winter can be a new experience every time you wake up. So heading over to the Chartreuse barn sale is perfect rain, snow or shine. Find this cool classy barn in Thomasville, NC, in a gorgeous setting in the country – but not too far out.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.22.03 PMChartreuse is open during the first weekend of each month, from Thursday through Saturday. My junkin’ buddy Glo and I have completely different design styles in our homes, but here both of us can explore and find goodies to swoon over.

There are lots of artsy vendors and booths, inside and out. These vendors clearly take pride in keeping their booths fully stocked, which is another reason Chartreuse is a favorite destination. Even when Gloria and I can’t seem to roll out early on Saturday morning, we know there will be lots of eye candy and gotta-have items late in the show. And, there’s always hot coffee and treats to keep up your energy for digging.


Open the huge barn doors at the entrance and a simple vignette always greets you in the center aisle. What a great shape for a palette wall – a new spin on the trend. The little white couch adds a contemporary vibe to all of the rust and crust.


Vendor Lori Grey, of the Rusty Nut booth, always showcases the best finds for my style. I have known Lori for so many years – she is a most inventive designer who I credit for my kooky passion for texture and old stuff. And she jump-started my faux finishing career ages ago through her interior design business, LoriStyle.


Check out this table and chairs. Lori designed these chairs – made by proprietor Steve Lynam – who owns the barn with adorable wife Paula.


Of course, the minute I spied this turquoise piece with the original peeling paint, I nearly fainted. It. Is. So. Me. Lori offered me such a steal price, I was in heaven. Until I realized there is not one available spot in our home for it. So sad to leave it.


I just can’t get enough of these giant jars. I have them in our kitchen full of wine corks and peanuts, in my studio they’re stocked with widgets.


Outside there is an open-air barn chock full of even more great finds.


You just never know what will jump out and grab your eye, and several trips around this big area are required to take in every single thing.


Even the little touches like white containers filled with greenery say, “buy me.”


And then there’s peeling paint, in many forms.

Junkin' At The Thomasville, NC Chartreuse Barn SaleNot to mention candles made by my friend, vendor Daryl Morelli, in the Sunflower Market Etc. booth.

Junkin' At The Thomasville, NC Chartreuse Barn Sale

If you live in central North Carolina and now anxious to hop over to the next barn sale, February 4-6, here are more vendors you can scope out on Facebook!

Chris Bean & Tracy Furr of VINTAGEitis, Antique dealers Paul Jefferson & Lee Evans, Lori Gray of LoriStyle, Jane Peet of Grit Antiques, Antonio Powers of Tony Powers Design, Local Artists Shelly Henning & Michelle Jarret, Dottie Cooke of Rosecrest Studio, Mary Calhoun of MHSC, Susan Little of The Hayloft, Cathy Isom of The Salvaged Roost, Joanne Gardner, Brittany & Cole Bowen of Carolina Chic Home Decor, Jennifer Spainhour of Wash Bucket Soap Company, Barbara Fuller of The Brown Eyed Suzy, Lorrie Anderson of Moose Hollow Pottery, Mary Claire Thomas of Fine Design, and Anita Phipps of A. Phipps Designs.

Have a blast, and tell them Debbie Hayes sent you!