Lacey Jane calico kitty illustration by Debbie Dion Hayes

Recently I took a day off to play. Something I haven’t done in a year and a half, since I started My Patch Of Blue Sky. I’ve been itching to go back to my roots. My creative roots, that is.

My career as an artist has morphed dramatically over the years, so much so that I have almost forgotten that after I earned my degree in Fine Art, my very first grown-up job was as an illustrator for an education company. During that time I also did a few book covers that are neatly squirreled away in the attic for our future grandchildren to discover some day.

My girls remind me sometimes that I used to draw their stuffed animals when they were little, often during snuggle time when they were sick.

So, yesterday with a whole day to myself I had to decide what to draw. I have spent so many years as a faux finisher and DIY blogger, that thinking about a subject for a drawing almost felt odd. But, if you know me at all, you know that one little furry creature is my constant companion. Lacey Jane, my studio companion and office manager became my subject.

Lacey Jane kitty illustration by Debbie Dion Hayes

While I drew painted and squiggled kitty art, Lacey Jane was getting her 20 hours of beauty sleep, just in case I need to snap another photo for her next modeling job. She’s such a diva that I’m sure she has no idea that she has adorable calico sisters who are also quite photogenic, and great subjects too.

Calico kitty cats

Would you love an original 8″ by 10″ watercolor and squiggle drawing of your Fluffy or Spot? (Yes, I even draw doggies.)

Just email me a good close-up photo of your much-loved companion for a price. You can also visit my Etsy shop for more cool stuff.

Lacey Jane calico kitty illustration by Debbie Dion Hayes




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