White living room with old columns

Do you crave the look of white upholstery for your home? Are you hesitant to try it? I know. I was too. Fifteen years ago our girls were young teens with lots of friends. Weekly sleepovers were part of our lives and our little kitty menagerie was just beginning. Soft drinks, sticky and greasy snacks and well, kitty fur everywhere.

Our home is simple and I love guests to feel like they can grab a blanket and put their feet up on the coffee table to chat. Nothing for us is precious, just memories. No stuffiness here.

What to do?

By sheer coincidence my art studio was next door to a seamstress who made slipcovers – such a talent! Louise worked her magic and fifteen years later I still love what she did for our living room. Not to mention the look of white is still as hotter than ever.

White slipcovered sofas with green painted cabinet

Louise made some important decisions. She pre-washed the white cotton duck and she lined it. I promise these are indestructible. I simply unzip and throw a piece in the washing machine in cold water. Then put them back on right out of the dryer. Love.

Living room with white slipcovers and large art

Another trick in our living room, though not pure white, is the loveseat I painted with Chalk Paint® and stenciled using a Royal Design Studio design for a Paint+Pattern project recently. It is also so easy to care for. Just a wipe with a damp cloth, though even that never seems necessary.

Sofa painted and stenciled

This is our favorite room. In the morning we enjoy coffee and the newspaper. The three kitties lounge in the sun that streams in like liquid gold.

Painted and stenciled sofa

You’ll notice I move the art and accessories around a lot, but the sofas remain the same.

The cost? Back then it was about as much as one new sofa. But I probably would have bought new ones at least twice by now so a great investment for us!

Come on in and join us! Promise it’s cozy.

Calico kitty