Rarely do I ever seem to find a new inspiring, exciting, mind-blowing junkin’ event these days, at least near home in North Carolina. Surely, I have seen them all within driving distance. However, my junkin’ partner Gloria and I were truly awestruck today, just minutes from our homes, after entering the French Farmer’s Wife!

Open just one weekend per month, from Thursday thru Saturday, The French Farmer’s Wife features curated vignette after stunning vignette of must-have items, a feast for our eyes. Who were the masterminds behind this gorgeous treasure trove of rusty gold, of French goodies, amassed all in one bucolic location?

After my first lingering pass through, I had to find them and gush compliments! Kathee Zurian (right), barn owner, and her partner Gail Cetuka, are just beyond amazing. They are most talented pickers, passionate about French antiques, who were willing to totally convert a 2,500 square foot working horse barn into a magical oasis for junkers and antiques lovers like me.

(Photo courtesy of Seasons Style & Design magazine.)

Gail and Kathee can style a vignette that has staying power, even after masses of shoppers have swarmed the barn for two days. What was so exciting to me and Gloria is that we could arrive on Saturday at lunchtime, and everything looks like the doors just flew open, with every corner piled high with merchandise.

And, this is so thrilling, after every sale ends, the barn is stripped, and over the next month, restocked, rearranged, and freshly presented.

Our timing was perfect, so that we could stand perfectly still in front of a vignette to study every little detail.

Tiny, worn, little shoes inside a cloche, perched upon a capital. Oh. My.

And a simple, unadorned seed packet display.

And, hold me back, texture layered with more texture.

Metal, baskets, ferns.

And delicate shoes atop an old mantel that speaks volumes of the woman past.

Crumbling frames, quiet without an image, captivate.

Look up! Don’t miss the lighting, traditional, and unexpected:


Bottles galore for the collector.

Olive baskets, ferns and sunflowers.

Ironware, French baskets.

And a stunning antique rocking horse.

Lavender, of course. Are we in Provence?

My pick of the day, that I hope may still be there for me next time, this santos.

Breadboards abound, old and new.

And kantha throws, ripe for the picking, warm up the barn, but not TOO much, on this sweltering summer day.

Layers abound.

And this rusty, crusty train car, lit from within made me stop and truly appreciate Gail and Kathee’s flair for presentation.

Whispery delicate blue floral china, paired atop a soft, buttery yellow china cabinet.

This box, oh this box. Still thinking it will be mine.

A kerosene bottle from olden days, nestled perfectly with canning jars like those my Mom used to put up tomatoes, hot and ripe from our garden.

Time stands still here.

Blocks like those I played with as a child fit right in, when amassed in a wire basket.

Blues, perfect for My Patch Of Blue Sky.

Are you ready for a road trip?

Make plans to savor to explore, to touch, to feel, France. In rural North Carolina, but not too far from Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem.


Specializing in French farmhouse, architectural salvage, rustic and industrial items, furniture, fine antiques, books, artwork and more.

A monthly barn event sale, open to the public, 2-3 days a month and dealer-friendly. Hours and dates will be announced each month. Check Facebook.

Located at: 1987 Beeson Road, Kernersville, NC 27284

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