Photo of the Farmer's Wife

I had to do it. I had to bust out of my office. Most days I am happy as a clam in my little nest – an office and studio filled with plants, inspiration and a kitty who manages it all. Today I had the wiggles that I could not squelch. One. Minute. Longer.

The Farmer's Wife

You must have a special place where you can forget the world for a bit. Breathe new smells. See the world differently. Mine is The Farmers Wife here in Greensboro, NC. It is famous in these parts, but secret too. You almost have to know it’s there. Everyone who desires the most creative floral arrangements, the loveliest vignettes full of unique objects of desire and welcoming smiles finds their way here.

Farmer's Wife

There are always magnificent fresh florals. Some waiting to grace the bridal party and some grabbing your attention like they were made just for you. Otherwise, one never knows what will be on display, beckoning your wallet to jump right out. Today there were industrial pieces and the cutest camp chairs with floral fabric and linens galore on the coolest rolling rack.

Farmer's Wife

Since I am crazy for fall to appear, these earthy offerings made my mouth water.

Farmer's Wife

Naturally this little newly-adopted kitty boy made my heart sing. Daniel and Phil always have a sweet kitty to love. He is nameless to date. But I called him Brewster. Maybe it will stick.

You must visit this most glorious shop. If you happen to be coming to town for the High Point Furniture Market, this shop is nearby.

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Farmer's Wife

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