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As a DIY blogger, I normally design projects for my own home, using items I already have to upcycle and re-purpose. Sometimes, I just crave getting out of the house to get down and get seriously dirty to hunt for treasures. Junkin’ has always been in my blood!

Today I skipped a shower and ventured, alone, to one of my favorite sites – the D.H. Griffin Salvage Yard: the second largest salvage operation in the US, made quite famous for their demolition work cleaning up the World Trade Center.

My mission: raw materials that call to me from across the junkyard, saying, “Pick me” for an upcoming post for Paint + Pattern.

And pick I did. I went to buy sheet metal. The copper piles draped in glorious colorful patina drew me in and would not let me go.

How many of us spend countless hours using paint, foils, leaf, chemicals and tools in hand, attempting to recreate nature’s perfect patina? I, too, admit my addiction.

Yes, I found what I was seeking. Rustic, crustic art surrounding me in all of its fleeting glory. Untold beauty all around me. Covered in filth, tar, glue. Piled. Boxed. Ready for the giant forklift to dump it unceremoniously into massive trucks for recycling.

Tomorrow another visitor will find a new palette.

Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Copper patina at the salvage yard

Copper patina at the salvage yard.

Copper patina at the salvage yard.

Copper patina at the salvage yard.

Copper patina at the salvage yard.

Are you bitten by this bug but don’t know how to go about serious, addictive, nasty junkin’? Join me next time for “Salvage Yard 101.” I’ll share the basics of what to wear (and what NOT to wear) and what to bring. See you then!

P.S. What am I going to make with my finds? Stay tuned for my post on Paint + Pattern!

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