It seems our kitties get lots of attention on Facebook and in my posts. They are gorgeous, loveable rescues who have given us their lifetimes full of happiness. In honor of Bruce Lee, our youngest, who went to kitty heaven this year, here is a re-post from my former blog,


“All’s well that ends well,” says Bruce Lee. “I did get into some mischief. Never knew that the female human had her camera out. However, I did get to try a bit of painting with my tail. My sisters had an outing. Then I got my picture taken. I have to say, I am looking fine. And this Florence liquid stuff is definitely my color.”

Bruce Lee, cat, calico, ginger


“It all started when our female human moved the little chest I love to sit on into the kitchen. I was confused. Normally the chest is my favorite place to spy on the male human when he reads the paper. Oh no! She can’t be getting rid of it, I’m thinking. Then suddenly it’s on an old sheet and the drawers are gone. And there’s this brush that sort of looks like the end of my tail and some liquid stuff in a can that she keeps calling Florence. Oh, yes, I say to myself, an adventure! Now I am plotting my approach.”

DSC_0348“I sprinted to the middle of the action while that female who feeds me Greenies was drinking Diet Coke and yacking on her iPhone. Big fat sister Lacey Jane (aka Lace Lace) flew by to protect the food bowls from danger.”

“I skirted the perimeter a couple of times to get the lay of the land. Then suddenly my two other annoying older sisters appeared out of nowhere. Sunshine (aka Sunny Delight) and Julie (aka Julie the Bug Buggerson) arrived to check on the girl stuff, like did they like the color. Geez. I just knew they were sleeping under the bed. Can’t a big bruiser of a guy cat have any time alone?’

Chalk Paint®, Annie Sloan, cat, calico, adventures

“Then Lacey plopped down in front of the liquid stuff and claimed the area her territory. She surely thought it was food! I could almost like her, since I enjoy a good meal, but she beats me up every day whether I need it or not.”

cat, calico, adventure, Chalk Paint®, Florence

“Meanwhile, while The Royal Pain was guarding her hoard, I got into some trouble. Truly thought I’d averted all fur danger. How did I get into the liquid stuff? Other than I am huge, extremely furry and clumsy on my best day.”

Chalk Paint®, Florence, Annie Sloan, cats, calico, adventures

“Meanwhile, the female who lets me jump in her lap and poke my very manly huge tail in her face was smearing the liquid all over my favorite furniture piece. Then she went off to that place she calls work. Here it’s still a bit wet. I checked it out a close range while she was out. This may have been when I painted myself.”

Chalk Paint®, Annie Sloan, Florence, cat, calico, adventure

“Here is a leg. It is quite conveniently shiny and at eye level for me. I check out my whiskers and wink at myself.”

Chalk Paint®, Annie Sloan, Florence, cat, calico, adventures

“That female that I wake up every day at 6:30 am for sustenance is back and cramming my favorite holiday decorations into a drawer. Gotta love shiny stuff. Sensing another adventure coming on. But how to open the drawer? Maybe those good-for-nothing older sisters will come in handy…”

“Geez, here comes Lacey Jane, stealing the show again with those eyes.”

I gotta grab a long snooze now. Manly beauty sleep.

cat, calico, Chalk Paint®, adventures, Florence

“What are you looking at me for? I did nothing. I am perfect. What have you got to eat?”


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