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Believe it or not, I earned a BA in Fine Arts, concentrating on painting (really) and I have spent 95% of my entire career as a full-time artist – though my focus changed over time. I am a book illustrator, graphic artist, art director, photographer, writer, faux finisher for 20 years, and DIY tutorial blogger. And my Momma said I could never make a living as an artist!

The goal of this site is to share the project tutorials that I have created over several years’ time, for several brands of paint and products. Just click around to find all kinds of inspiration!

All product details are always included.


Many folks know me from events like the annual ArtFusion Event, and IDAL Decorative Artisans League where I have been an instructor, teaching various faux finishing techniques using the products and stencils I love most.

I write and photograph creative blog posts for paint and product brands like Royal Design Studio’s, Artisan Enhancements, Wood Icing™, Modern Masters, Fusion Mineral Paint, General Finishes, Golden Paintworks, and Wagner Spraytech.

During the past couple of years my Color Inspiration Notebook for Creating Gorgeous Painted Furniture, my studio, and my home have been featured in several of my my favorite magazines that I use for inspiration often: including those by Matthew Mead, Matthew Mead for Wagner, Fifi O’neill, and Jo Packham:



In 2014 I published the Color Inspiration Notebook for Creating Gorgeous Painted Furniture, available now for individuals to purchase on the website, and wholesale for shop owners. There are versions for the USA and Canada, and printed in those countries. Many of my furniture-painting peeps are included!

Color Inspiration Notebook for Creating Gorgeous Painted Furniture by Debbie Dion Hayes  Photo of the Color Inspiration Notebook binding choices

During my 20 years as a full-time finisher, and owner of the former Faux Design Studio in Greensboro, North Carolina, several of my professional projects were featured in magazines like these by Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs, Gary Lord of Prismatic Painting, and Maryam Montague of Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech,  Morocco.


A front door project, for Modern Masters Front Door Paint, even found itself in the Los Angeles Times. By total coincidence on a weekend when I was in LA. Small world!

So happy that spend your valuable time with me. Your insight and input is always welcome.

– Debbie Dion Hayes