Upstyling Your Home With Matthew Mead – And Me!

Matthew Meads' new Upstyled Home Magazine

Surprise! Coming soon to your favorite newsstand is Matthew Mead‘s newest brilliant endeavor, Upstyled Home Magazine.

Lacey Jane the calico and my office managerI just received my copy, and couldn’t wait to sit down with Lacey Jane kitty and a cup of Joe to savor every lovely, super-styled photo, idea, and word.

And yes, how cool is it that Matthew has included several of my favorite blog projects and home vignettes in his magazine. Along with one of my design idols and authors, Mary Emmerling, and  new-found designers that I am now loving too.

Stylist, photographer, and upstyler extraordinaire Matthew came to North Carolina in the spring to visit with me, Steve, and the kitties not so long after I had a total shoulder replacement, and during a miserable bout with bronchitis. And two days after a huge and damaging hail storm. Needless to say it was a mess around here: I was recuperating, the roof, my car, and our yard were all trashed.

I worried that Matthew would jump right back on a plane and never look back. I was so very wrong! We shot photos, yakked about upstyling, ate fine food, played with the felines, and who knew my home would show up in a new magazine he was slyly conjuring up.

After my giant surgery I was in such a funk. Personally and creatively. I felt horrible, looked so pale and wimpy. Time with Matthew was a lovely pick-me-up, even though he was unaware! He looked beyond it all, calmly, and with vision to see the possibilities.

So, here are a few teasers from Upstyled Home. And, I am including a link to my tutorials so you can get the easy, step-by-step directions and supply lists. I blog for my favorite DIY paint, product, and stencil brands, and numerous projects in my home have been featured on my blog, or on (for Royal Design Studio stencils),, or!

Lots of my readers over the years have mentioned that they would love to see more of my home. Here’s your chance!

Click on the links below the images to view the tutorials:

Stenciled living room screen in Upstyled Home, by Debbie Dion Hayes, using Modern Masters Metal Effects and Royal Design Studio stencil

Above, LIVING ROOM SCREEN, for Modern Masters

Projects in Upstyled Home magazine, stenciled with Royal Design Studio stencils, by Debbie Dion Hayes





A round, painted and stenciled table by Debbie Dion Hayes | Featured in Upstyled Home

A round, painted and stenciled table by Debbie Dion Hayes | Featured in Upstyled HomeAbove and at left,


I know you’re dying to get your very own copy! Find it by December 5th on newsstands, or order it right now!


Be sure to follow Matthew Mead on Facebook, and he would dearly love to hear from you when you read your Upstyled Home!

AND, if you are a blogger who would live to receive a copy and write a review, let me know at I have 5 copies, so let me know by midnight Wednesday, November 23! Add your name, address, and blog. I will choose randomly and let you know results right away.

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