Thank You Wood Icing®!

Wood Icing®

Working with Rose Wilde, creative master of the Wood Icing® products, is always a fun  collaboration. Sometimes we just roll with ideas to see where they can go. Our intended 15 minute phone calls always last a couple of hours. Rose and I both enjoy being openly creative, meaning, letting ideas just happen serendipitously. I know I have sent her blog concepts for the Wood Icing line of products that probably were totally off the wall to her, but, all in all, she trusted me.

And what a fun year we had, playing in Textura Paste, and Furniture Glazing Colors, Fissure Size, and more! Who know you could do pen and watercolor drawings with Glazing Colors?

Rose sent lots of products to the ArtFusion Event in Santa Fe in 2015, so as an instructor  I could inspire students to stretch their flexibility when designing wall and furniture finishes. It’s so wonderful to have support like this as an artist, so I can do what I love, and spread the word about my very favorite DIY products.

I hope you’ll discover Wood Icing in 2016 if you have not already, and share your projects on the Wood Icing Facebook Page!


Remembering 2015 Blog Projects: An Old Dough Bowl Gets Gorgeous Using Wood Icing® And Milk Paint!

An Old Dough Bowl Gets Gorgeous Using Wood Icing® and Milk Paint!

Today I’m sharing this post, which using the same Royal Design Studio French Numbers stencils as in yesterday’s Calendar Cube project. Now you have two ways to use these fun stencils!

I created this post for Wood Icing®, using their multi-use Textura Paste, in conjunction with Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint.

Get the step-by-step tutorial!

Easy Christmas Cards Using Wood Icing® And A Royal Design Studio Stencil

Make Easy Christmas Cards Tutorial | Wood Icing® Textura Paste and Royal Design Studio Stencil

Do you have little ones who love to get involved in holiday activities, not to mention birthdays, special events, and baby showers? As a little girl growing up in winter-frozen Massachusetts, Mom and I often found ourselves snowed in, Dad at work, anxious for fun stuff to create. She was always able to conjure a cigar box of art supplies, and away we would go, making and doing.

One especially fond memory, when I was in grammar school, was making greeting cards for all occasions when neighbors observed my passion for drawing. They paid me as much as it would have cost for a store-bought version, and I even designed a logo to add to the back, like Hallmark.

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Painting Grandkitty Chuck Norris Using Wood Icing® Glazes And Stencil!

Use Wood Icing® Furniture Glazing Colors and stencil to draw a kitty caricature.

Lately, I have been enjoying getting out of my comfort zone creatively. Though I studied painting in college, back then we learned to paint with oils. I hated using oils then, and still do. After graduation, as an illustrator, I graduated to acrylics. But I was scared to death of watercolors and ignored them, and the possibilities, until a few weeks ago.

I began painting simple little kitty and doggie caricatures. What a fun, simple pleasure.

For quite some time I have been creating textured finishes and project for Wood Icing®, mostly with Textura Paste. Today, as I was looking through my supplies, I realized that the Wood Icing® Glazes would make the perfect medium to paint my Grandkitty Chuck Norris – or anything really.

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Create An Aged, Leather-Like Finish Using Wood Icing® And Decorative Napkins

Layer texture and pattern using Wood Icing® Textura Paste and decorative dinner napkins

You may have already discovered that using pretty, patterned, dinner napkins as a background can become lovely and aged after découpage and glazing. But have you ever gone one more step by adding an overall raised stencil with Wood Icing®?

I just experimented with this process as a new idea for walls, cabinet door inserts, book covers and canvas art. Use different napkin patterns and stencils for ever-changing effects. To see more of the background pattern, use less glaze or a smaller stencil design.

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Wood Icing® Products Pair Perfectly With Chalk Paint®, Artisan Enhancements & Artsy Stencils

Wood Icing stenciled canvas art.

One of my absolute favorite pastimes is to get together with artist friends and shop owners who sell DIY products to play with exciting new paint and products. Lots of laughs, learning and good memories. And maybe a glass of wine…

A couple of months ago, a small, energetic group of friends gathered for a fun day and a half of sharing and hands-on experimentation.

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Create This “Ice Palace” Wall Finish Using Wood Icing®!

Create This "Ice Palace" Wall Finish Using Wood Icing Textura Paste

Have you noticed that rustic furniture can mix beautifully with a glamorous wall finish?

Our 1970s ranch home is far from glam, but I have decided that a gorgeous treatment on a focus wall can be a sweet addition.

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Small, Rustic Touches In Our Tiny Powder Room Add Up To Fabulous!

Rustic bath accents and a pearly wall finish update a tiny powder room.

I’m pretty sure that we have the weirdest, smallest powder room in existence. It is not prominently featured somewhere near the entrance of our home, where guests can discover it. It is hidden at the back door, within the laundry room.

Blah! When we first moved here I’m not sure we knew it existed for a month. Until we had a gaggle of little girls over for a deck party. Then the magic location revealed itself as nothing short of brilliant.

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Use Wood Icing® Plus Rust, Patina, And A Stencil On Art Canvases

{This post is sponsored by my wonderful client, Wood Icing®. They allow me to experiment with their cool products, and the ideas and comments are my own.}

Wood Icing® canvas art project using heavy texture, rust, patina and a stencil

If you know me by now, you are aware that I adore anything crusty, rusty, and covered in patina. Furniture, accessories, mailboxes, old doors. Anything!

I have a blast combining products from my amazing clients to create what I call magic. Rose Wilde, owner of Wood Icing®, is wonderfully encouraging about my ideas for using Textura Paste. Years ago I had an employer who used to say they would just “wind me up and let me go” and Rose does the same. Be still my heart!

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Get A Stone Effect Using Wood Icing, Artisan Enhancements And A Royal Design Studio Stencil!

{Although this post is sponsored by Wood Icing™, the idea, experimentation, and comments are my own.}

Wood Icing/ Artisan Enhancements/ Royal Design frame

Are you always looking for these two things: a cool new furniture finish AND another picture frame to showcase your evolving family, friends and accomplishments? Me too!

You may know that I have the unique opportunity to work with several wonderful DIY products. Yes, I admit it, it’s a little slice of creative heaven for me.

Rose Wilde, co-owner of Wood Icing Co. had a great idea for a stone finish – let’s try some Artisan Enhancements Fine Stone on top of Wood Icing products to get the look of stone. So naturally I added a perfect Royal Design Studio stencil to enhance it all on this flat picture frame I unearthed in my clutter of “great stuff to use for blog posts.”

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