Wood Icing® Products Pair Perfectly With Chalk Paint®, Artisan Enhancements & Artsy Stencils

Wood Icing stenciled canvas art.

One of my absolute favorite pastimes is to get together with artist friends and shop owners who sell DIY products to play with exciting new paint and products. Lots of laughs, learning and good memories. And maybe a glass of wine…

A couple of months ago, a small, energetic group of friends gathered for a fun day and a half of sharing and hands-on experimentation.

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Check Out This Glass Art Sample For My ArtFusion Class in November

Art Fusion Funky Chunky Finishes for Cabinets & Furniture

I am in the process of having a blast creating all new finishes for my ArtFusion class in Santa Fe, on November 6. For the most part we will be painting finishes for cabinets and furniture.

And we will create one piece of glass art intended as an insert for cabinet doors. The idea is to capture family memories using a handwritten letter or note.

This class sample holds many memories for me…

…years ago after my Dad passed away I discovered a tiny, old, handwritten story in his little bible. I later learned that when he was a small boy he could not sit still in church, so his uncle wrote him stories – in their native French – to keep him amused.

I can just picture it. A little guy in a looming cathedral filled with the aroma of incense, all dressed up with his hair spit-combed by my Memere. He’s squirming in the pew and poking his big brother and sisters…

… and so began the story of the big dog adventure.

Stay tuned for the companion cabinet door sample to come soon.

Hope to see you there!

The Reveal! Orange Teak Master Bedroom Furniture Goes Weathered Grey!

Orange teak goes weathered gray

Recently I posted several times about transforming our three large master bedroom furniture pieces. They are 1970s Danish modern and after many, many years I was so eager to get rid of the orange hue and change to soft, weathered gray. I prepared for my large refinishing project first by using my Color Inspiration Notebook. I created it as a fun tool to assist DIY furniture painting project lovers with color inspiration and selection. The built-in color wheel walked me right through my basic color scheme. It confirmed that I was happy with my accessories and the major teal color, accented with a bit of green and metallics.

The huge dilemma was what to do with the teak – eeekkkk. It seemed to grow more orange every year! The platform bed and two large dressers are loved for their simplicity and have been perfect for storage capacity (there are drawers under the bed).

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Gorgeous Lacy Wood – Look Glass Tray Using Wood Icing™ Products!

Wood Icing™ glass tray project.

I am a lover of verre eglamisé, or reverse-painted gilded glass. Artwork, glasses, trays. Everything! I have created and sold my pieces for years. Naturally, I have a stash of tempered glass with polished edges in my studio waiting for a bit of time and inspiration. Today as I was deciding on a Wood Icing™ project I found two pieces, and this lacy wood-look glass tray is what happened. Love how it turned out.

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Art Ladies Road Trip To Sleepin’ Dog In Virginia!

The artful home of Nancy Brooks of Sleepin' Dog.

Many years ago a small group of women artists and art lovers in Greensboro, North Carolina formed the Art Ladies. We were members of a local arts organization and just loved each others’ company. So, over 15 years, through good times and sad times we have met as much as possible on a monthly basis. In restaurants, at gallery openings, in our homes, always over wine and a delicious dinner. And good conversation that always leads to art.

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