DIY: From Ugly Joint Compound Texture To Lustrous Venetian Plaster – Part 1 Prep

This post is sponsored by Modern Masters who provided me with Venetian Plaster products and tools. The opinions I have shared about the products are my own​.

How to go from ugly jount complound on paneled walls to lustrous Modern Masters Venetian Plaster

Are you a faux finisher, reluctant to tackle old textured walls for a client? Or, an adventurous DIYer who would love to go from Old World décor to a more contemporary style, using Venetian Plaster?

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Shop For Jewelry Treasures, Link To DIY Painting Tutorials!

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Sometimes a girl’s just gotta have fun! Or even a girl’s guy.

Click on the image above to see new items in the FINISHING TOUCHES SHOP at My Patch Of Blue Sky. Discover weekly jewelry treasures from my world travel collections, in all budget ranges.

AND, while shopping, click on the images to link to my DIY tutorials and learn how to create the project or finish featured in the background photo!

Thank You Wood Icing®!

Wood Icing®

Working with Rose Wilde, creative master of the Wood Icing® products, is always a fun  collaboration. Sometimes we just roll with ideas to see where they can go. Our intended 15 minute phone calls always last a couple of hours. Rose and I both enjoy being openly creative, meaning, letting ideas just happen serendipitously. I know I have sent her blog concepts for the Wood Icing line of products that probably were totally off the wall to her, but, all in all, she trusted me.

And what a fun year we had, playing in Textura Paste, and Furniture Glazing Colors, Fissure Size, and more! Who know you could do pen and watercolor drawings with Glazing Colors?

Rose sent lots of products to the ArtFusion Event in Santa Fe in 2015, so as an instructor  I could inspire students to stretch their flexibility when designing wall and furniture finishes. It’s so wonderful to have support like this as an artist, so I can do what I love, and spread the word about my very favorite DIY products.

I hope you’ll discover Wood Icing in 2016 if you have not already, and share your projects on the Wood Icing Facebook Page!


It’s Not Too Late To Register For ArtFusion in Santa Fe!

ArtFusion Event in Santa Fe, November 3 - 6

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be an instructor at the ArtFusion Event this November in Santa Fe! And thanks to all who have completely filled up my two classes! Can’t wait to play in all sorts of paints with you.

ArtFusion Event in Santa Fe, November 3 - 6

If you have tried to register, and found your preferred classes full, be sure to add your name to the waiting list. We just added all of the folks on the waitlist for my Funky Chunky class.

ArtFusion Event in Santa Fe, November 3 - 6

There are still some openings with amazing artists available, and I hope you’ll check out their workshops too. The website also includes hotel options and discounts.

Hope to see you soon in Santa Fe!

P.S. I am also teaching a different workshop that week at New Leaf in Albuquerque, so stay tuned for details.

New Leaf


Create This Wall And Furniture Finish Using Artisan Enhancements Foils And A Fab Stencil!

Artisan Enhancements furniture and wall finish using Chalk Paint® and foils.

Can you tell that I am a pattern lover? I think that all of my travels around North America, Europe, and Africa have made me more passionate about pattern because it really defines a region or even a country.

I have been working on new ideas for my Funky Chunky Finishes workshop at the upcoming ArtFusion event in Santa Fe this November. I am so excited to visit the southwest again. It conjures up images of hot, brilliant oranges and golds. Sunbursts. Flowers. And the bling of gorgeous jewelry. I love these colors paired with the cool sky blues of the evening and the setting sun.

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Create This “Ice Palace” Wall Finish Using Wood Icing®!

Create This "Ice Palace" Wall Finish Using Wood Icing Textura Paste

Have you noticed that rustic furniture can mix beautifully with a glamorous wall finish?

Our 1970s ranch home is far from glam, but I have decided that a gorgeous treatment on a focus wall can be a sweet addition.

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