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I can’t tell you how many individuals and shop owners I know who could be selling so much more if they could just buckle down and create a basic, attractive, website. But they can’t begin to make it happen.

“It’s too hard. It’s too expensive. I don’t have time. I can’t do it. Do I really need it? Mine is fine. (It’s really not.)”

Is this you?

Take 2 aspirin and email me at

I promise this is much easier and more affordable than you think. I do website design for retailers all the time. I’ll show you!

My Artisan Enhancements DIY Furniture Finish Challenge Project Revealed!

My Artisan Enhancements DIY Furniture Finish Challenge Project Revealed!

My Artisan Enhancements DIY Furniture Finish Challenge Project Revealed!Recently I announced that Staci Belew of Artisan Enhancements and I challenged each other to a DIY Furniture Finish Challenge, featuring AE products. We were both inspired by the Stucco Italiano wall finish photo at left that Staci discovered.

I decided to recreate it on a small piece in our hallway, and eventually, Staci will introduce her version on a focus wall later. We have not compared notes on how we approached which products to use, colors, textures, or layering. So it will be exciting to see Staci’s version too.

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A Gorgeous North Carolina Junkin’ Day At The Chartreuse Barn Sale!

The Chartreuse barn sale in Thomasville, North Carolina

My junkin’ friend Gloria and I had planned for months to attend the Lucketts spring event this past weekend. But the stars were not aligned for us to go this time. However, as luck would have it (that’s a pun), we remembered the Chartreuse Barn Sale in rural Thomasville, North Carolina, just 20 minutes down the road from home in Greensboro.

It was a bright, sparkling, 80-degree day, so off we went in my little white Jeep Wrangler, perfect for hauling treasures. Years ago when I bought it, I took a 6-foot ladder to the dealership to assure myself that, if I took out the back seat, I could load up not only a ladder, but lots of great stuff. The salesman was a bit puzzled, but I was happy as a clam.

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The Color Inspiration Notebook + Leather Stencil Brush Carriers. Last Minute Gifts Ready for Quick Shipping!

Happy Holidays! And happy mad-dash shopping! Here are two thoughtful gifts ready to ship now!

The Color Inspiration Notebook by Debbie Dion Hayes

48 pages on heavy coated stock, 6″ by 9″

$19.95 plus tax and $6.00 shipping per book, within the contiguous United States

Indicate on your order if want to ship to a different address.

(Before purchasing, click here to see if there is a retailer near you!)

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Painting furniture, accessories, cabinets and walls has been my passion for over 25 years. During that time, as a shop owner and artful entrepreneur, the most common dilemma common to all of my clients was, “What color do I choose?” This Color Inspiration Notebook is a beautiful tool to help discover colors and combinations for your projects, found all around us in nature, food and architecture. Of course, examples of painted furniture are also featured.

With a fine art degree in painting and color theory, I am comfortable with color play, but I do know that many are not. So, the Color Notebook is organized like a basic color wheel, plus neutrals, white, grey, brown, black and metallics.

The back pages of the Notebook are your area to play to your creative heart’s content. Clip, staple or tape ideas to jump start painted furniture projects.

Extra blank pages in the back allow even more room to make painted color samples.


Buy this handmade leather stencil brush holder

This year, I have had the pleasure of designing projects using Royal Design Studio stencils and products  – several each month. What a fun year!

One of my favorite ideas was this rolled-up stencil brush holder. I made it out of a leather hide and added a bronze enhancer on the end to hold it tightly closed.

Readers loved it! Many asked me to sell them. So here you are – a chance to buy one just in time for the holidays.

I will ship quickly! If you have a specific time frame, or wish to ship to a different address, please let me know.

Only 3 remaining!

$39.95 each + tax and shipping


* While supplies last. Closure baubles will vary, and may not match the photo. Shipping within the contiguous USA. Request a shipping quote for other areas by email at

My Color Inspiration Notebook Is Here!

Photo of Color Inspiration Notebook

I’m excited to introduce my Color Inspiration Notebook for Creating Gorgeous Painted Furniture. It has been a fun weekend project that morphed over time into what it you now see, with the input and encouragement by numerous artistic friends.

The Notebook is 6″ by 9″, 48 pages, printed on heavy coated stock which is perfect for toting around in a handbag. The suggested retail price is $19.95.

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