My Canvases From A Fabulous Barcelona Painting Trip With Melanie Royals, And More

Barcelona painting project with Melanie Royals

So. I lost my roller covers in the studio closet where I thought I put them in a “safe place.”


I found these canvases and fond memories of my painting trip to Barcelona a few years ago with Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio.

P.S. These are small sections of our projects we completed at the monastery Sant Jeroni de la Murtra. I love them. All of the wonderful designs were by Melanie. Dear friend Nancy Jones of Artworks Spokane was our star painter who inspired us like crazy.

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Our Devilishly Delicious Halloween Feast, or, BOO!

halloween party

Nobody, but nobody puts on a Halloween party like my friends Sandra, Kim, Sophie and their husbands!

They plan, scheme, cook like fiends, decorate devilishly and dress up in creative, creepy costumes. And they out-do themselves time and time again.

This evening soiree was a sit-down “Witches Stew” for 30 ghosts and goblins.

Check out some of the evening’s characters, the grub and the dastardly decor…

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One Pattern Per Room? Breaking This Rule in Marrakech With Modani Modern Furniture!

Photo of pattern play in Peacock Pavilions dining room

Do you love modern furniture? I do. Love the sleek lines and inventive designs. Modern style fits in everywhere, if you love to mix like I do. I recently discovered the Modani line of modern furniture – their stores are found in large metro areas and their website is to die for.

Modani modern furniture recently noticed my rogue design style here on and I responded with this post. Since I tend to break lots of rules I decided to tackle Modani’s Rules To Break Number 3 – stick to one pattern per room. Continue reading

Kim Yeager And I Collaborate On A Cute Stool for Display at Junk Bonanza!

Photo of Kim Yeager stool project

I had the leather hide and Kim had the adorable little stool. Together we created the finished piece. We love it!

The adorable, energetic and oh so talented Kim Yeager of Lark Nest Design and I met two years ago at the wild and crazy-wonderful September Junk Bonanza event in Shakopee, MN. She was displaying a cool piece of hers from Flea Market Style that featured Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in the Annie Sloan Unfolded booth where I was working. Plus, she was working the event with Ki Nassauer, upcycling guru, creator of Junk Bonanza and editor-in-chief of Flea Market Style Magazine.

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Fabulous Flowers And Vignettes Abound At The Farmers Wife

Photo of the Farmer's Wife

I had to do it. I had to bust out of my office. Most days I am happy as a clam in my little nest – an office and studio filled with plants, inspiration and a kitty who manages it all. Today I had the wiggles that I could not squelch. One. Minute. Longer.

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Inspiring Quilts of Tazewell, Virginia – the Patterns, the Colors, the Designs!


Recently, several of my Art Ladies friends journeyed north to Tazewell, Virginia, to spend a lovely, relaxing weekend with member and master glass artist Nancy Brooks of Sleepin’ Dog. In my pre-trip post I mentioned our typical agenda, but we never really know what will be in store until our arrival.

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Art Ladies Road Trip To Sleepin’ Dog In Virginia!

The artful home of Nancy Brooks of Sleepin' Dog.

Many years ago a small group of women artists and art lovers in Greensboro, North Carolina formed the Art Ladies. We were members of a local arts organization and just loved each others’ company. So, over 15 years, through good times and sad times we have met as much as possible on a monthly basis. In restaurants, at gallery openings, in our homes, always over wine and a delicious dinner. And good conversation that always leads to art.

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Discovering Artful Salvage Yard Patina: An Expedition

Debbie Dion Hayes pickin'

As a DIY blogger, I normally design projects for my own home, using items I already have to upcycle and re-purpose. Sometimes, I just crave getting out of the house to get down and get seriously dirty to hunt for treasures. Junkin’ has always been in my blood!

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Read This And You Will Be In Sunny Puerto Rico On The Beach!

The weather for most of us has been bitter cold, dreary, snowy and just plain miserable. Here in North Carolina we just had our biggest snowfall in 14 years – 8 inches – and we are ready for the sixty degree weather promised this week.

Normally in early February hubby and I are basking in the sun with family and friends at a favorite resort in Puerto Rico. For me and the ladies – mimosas, cards, reading, cabana time, snoozing, laughing, shopping, and eating something delectably Caribbean.

Not this year. My new business is booming! So, here are a few Blue Sky Style vacay photos from years past – to you from me. Lets enjoy and dream a little.

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