Remembering 2015 Blog Projects: An Old Dough Bowl Gets Gorgeous Using Wood Icing® And Milk Paint!

An Old Dough Bowl Gets Gorgeous Using Wood Icing® and Milk Paint!

Today I’m sharing this post, which using the same Royal Design Studio French Numbers stencils as in yesterday’s Calendar Cube project. Now you have two ways to use these fun stencils!

I created this post for Wood Icing®, using their multi-use Textura Paste, in conjunction with Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint.

Get the step-by-step tutorial!

Remembering 2015 Blog Projects: Calendar Cube For Paint And Pattern

Stenciled and painted Paint & Pattern calendar cube tutorial

Wow, what a great year in the Blue Sky studio! 

I have been looking back on so many blogging projects that I worked on during 2015 that you may have missed.

During December I will share some favorites – those perfect for quick Holiday projects, and some that I just loved doing.

Here’s a simple, fun, perpetual calendar I made for, with Royal Design Studio numbers stencils, Chalk Paint and Soft Wax by Annie Sloan. There’s still time to make a bunch for stocking stuffers!

Here’s the full tutorial!


Love Rust, Crust, Patina And Pattern? Register Today!

Art Fusion Event in Santa Fe, November 2015

Are you nuts about anything covered in rust and patina? Me too.There’s so much you can do with Modern Masters Metal Effects products, and more secret stuff I will reveal during this class.

This half-day morning workshop is on Thursday, November 5.


Check out all of the amazing workshops offered at the ArtFusion Event. And don’t put off registering. Several of the workshops are already filled. My Funky Chunky Finishes workshop is full, but you can get on the waitlist.

Hope to see you there. Let’s paint!

Announcing One-To-One Creative Skills Workshops For Retailers And Individuals!

Blue Sky Creative one-to-one workshops for retailers and individuals | Learn to use many DIY products for furniture finishes and artwork. Or learn to use WordPress, social media and email marketing tools.

Are you dying to learn new skills? Is it difficult to find workshops that fit into your crazy schedule and budget? Would you love to have personal training, tailored to exactly what YOU need?

Perfect! My One-To-One Workshops may be the solution for you. We can create your  personalized learning experience in my own quiet home studio and office.

Blue Sky One-To-One Workshops. Learn social media, creating a website and more plus furniture finishes.

Check out the topics below. Choose all business, specific furniture finishes, or a mix!

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Use Wood Icing® Plus Rust, Patina, And A Stencil On Art Canvases

{This post is sponsored by my wonderful client, Wood Icing®. They allow me to experiment with their cool products, and the ideas and comments are my own.}

Wood Icing® canvas art project using heavy texture, rust, patina and a stencil

If you know me by now, you are aware that I adore anything crusty, rusty, and covered in patina. Furniture, accessories, mailboxes, old doors. Anything!

I have a blast combining products from my amazing clients to create what I call magic. Rose Wilde, owner of Wood Icing®, is wonderfully encouraging about my ideas for using Textura Paste. Years ago I had an employer who used to say they would just “wind me up and let me go” and Rose does the same. Be still my heart!

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Get A Stone Effect Using Wood Icing, Artisan Enhancements And A Royal Design Studio Stencil!

{Although this post is sponsored by Wood Icing™, the idea, experimentation, and comments are my own.}

Wood Icing/ Artisan Enhancements/ Royal Design frame

Are you always looking for these two things: a cool new furniture finish AND another picture frame to showcase your evolving family, friends and accomplishments? Me too!

You may know that I have the unique opportunity to work with several wonderful DIY products. Yes, I admit it, it’s a little slice of creative heaven for me.

Rose Wilde, co-owner of Wood Icing Co. had a great idea for a stone finish – let’s try some Artisan Enhancements Fine Stone on top of Wood Icing products to get the look of stone. So naturally I added a perfect Royal Design Studio stencil to enhance it all on this flat picture frame I unearthed in my clutter of “great stuff to use for blog posts.”

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My Canvases From A Fabulous Barcelona Painting Trip With Melanie Royals, And More

Barcelona painting project with Melanie Royals

So. I lost my roller covers in the studio closet where I thought I put them in a “safe place.”


I found these canvases and fond memories of my painting trip to Barcelona a few years ago with Melanie Royals of Royal Design Studio.

P.S. These are small sections of our projects we completed at the monastery Sant Jeroni de la Murtra. I love them. All of the wonderful designs were by Melanie. Dear friend Nancy Jones of Artworks Spokane was our star painter who inspired us like crazy.

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The Workshop Store For DIY Product Retailers Is Open!

The Workshop Store Is Open

Do you need new, easy and inexpensive workshops to offer your customers?

Just in time for the New Year, The Workshop Store is open! Add new workshops for customers who are ready for new projects, using all of the product lines you sell.

I created it just for shop owners who sell DIY paint and products like Royal Design Studio, Wood Icing™, Chalk Paint®, Miss Mustard Seed and Artisan Enhancements. There are a dozen ready to go now, and more will be added often. You can even suggest new ones, based on your store needs and product lines. Continue reading

Announcing The Workshop Store, A DIY Painters Design Challenge & More for 2015!

Blue Sky Anniversary

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe My Patch Of Blue Sky is one year old. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and this is not my first business venture. I owned a faux finishing business for over 15 years, and I ran a small home décor shop called Feather Your Nest with three dear friends for a few years simultaneously.

It has been a fun year for me, with the worst challenge being that I work at home. I have always loved to leave the house, dressed for the day, to work in a studio or office environment filled with like-minded folks. The dynamic for creativity has now changed. I have to reach within myself, my print and internet resources and connections every day instead of brainstorming with peers in the room together.

Now I work with Lacey Jane, the kitty assistant, who works and snoozes by my elbow at the computer – or on top of my studio work table. We have some quality time, and I talk to her instead of myself.


Annie Sloan stockists shop redesign projects

Many readers think of me as a DIY project, design and travel blogger. I have been blogging for years, and love to mingle with other bloggers like I did again this year at the Haven Conference.

But, My Patch Of Blue Sky is also my business, and I am often asked what I do, other than blog.

In 2014, I worked with lots of wonderfully talented, dynamic Annie Sloan stockists. Three signed on quickly as my first clients, then the list evolved. We reinvented their existing stores, or designed new ones. We shopped for merchandise at the High Point and Atlanta Markets. I built websites, created email blasts and handled blogs and social media. We did workshops at their locations, and even created workshops for them to teach.

And we laughed, painted, stenciled, lugged furniture, shopped ’til we dropped and loved every minute of it. And I’m pleased to say that they tell me their businesses have grown with my help.

DIY paint and project samples

I also designed and wrote dozens of DIY paint and stencil projects for my fabulous clients, Royal Design Studio’s Paint + Pattern, Wood Icing™, Artisan Enhancements and Modern Masters. At times, I wondered if I had one more new idea in my brain, and somehow, the projects flowed!

Now I can say that I have a large portfolio of DIY paint, stencil, and related products to design with that blend beautifully with each other. Lots of exciting potential.


Color Inspiration Notebooks - USA and Canada

In August, I self-published the Color Inspiration Notebook for Creating Gorgeous Furniture. Who know that there would be dozens of retailers in the USA in half of the states. Plus one in Canada?

And who knew that The Colour Inspiration Notebook Canada will launch soon?

In early January, I will introduce The Workshop Store for retailers of DIY products who tell me they always need new, inexpensive, quality project workshops and furniture finishes to satisfy the never-ending demand by their customers. Running a store is daunting enough without the pressure of cobbling together new content.

The first offerings will be compiled from posts I have written for clients like Paint + Pattern and Wood Icing™, with their permission. Then I will add more, often.

Retailers will simply shop by drop-down tabs, choosing according to the product lines they sell.

For pure painting fun, I can’t wait to start the DIY Furniture Finish Design Challenge. So many times I pin stunning painted finish ideas on Pinterest, but how does one DO IT?

So, submit your inspiring photos for me to choose from on Facebook, and I will create a finish designed from the DIY paint and products I know and love.

Then I will share the recipe!

Stay tuned for details. 2015 is going to be a blast!Signature2






The Reveal! Orange Teak Master Bedroom Furniture Goes Weathered Grey!

Orange teak goes weathered gray

Recently I posted several times about transforming our three large master bedroom furniture pieces. They are 1970s Danish modern and after many, many years I was so eager to get rid of the orange hue and change to soft, weathered gray. I prepared for my large refinishing project first by using my Color Inspiration Notebook. I created it as a fun tool to assist DIY furniture painting project lovers with color inspiration and selection. The built-in color wheel walked me right through my basic color scheme. It confirmed that I was happy with my accessories and the major teal color, accented with a bit of green and metallics.

The huge dilemma was what to do with the teak – eeekkkk. It seemed to grow more orange every year! The platform bed and two large dressers are loved for their simplicity and have been perfect for storage capacity (there are drawers under the bed).

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