Falling For This Seasonal Candle Holder Made With Wood Icing™ Textura Paste And A Glass Vase!

Photo of Wood Icing™ glass candleholder project{Although this post is sponsored by Wood Icing™, the idea and comments are my own.}

It’s finally fall! What a relief from our ultra-steamy heat and humidity here in North Carolina! Over the weekend I planted pansies and mums and added gorgeous funky non-traditional pumpkins, so my mind is on fall decorating. But you probably know that I am not a passionate, overly crazy seasonal decorator. A few carefully chosen accessories and I am happily DONE.

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Fabulous Flowers And Vignettes Abound At The Farmers Wife

Photo of the Farmer's Wife

I had to do it. I had to bust out of my office. Most days I am happy as a clam in my little nest – an office and studio filled with plants, inspiration and a kitty who manages it all. Today I had the wiggles that I could not squelch. One. Minute. Longer.

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Bruce Lee The Cat’s Chalk Paint® Adventures

It seems our kitties get lots of attention on Facebook and in my posts. They are gorgeous, loveable rescues who have given us their lifetimes full of happiness. In honor of Bruce Lee, our youngest, who went to kitty heaven this year, here is a re-post from my former blog, FauxPlusDesign.com.


“All’s well that ends well,” says Bruce Lee. “I did get into some mischief. Never knew that the female human had her camera out. However, I did get to try a bit of painting with my tail. My sisters had an outing. Then I got my picture taken. I have to say, I am looking fine. And this Florence liquid stuff is definitely my color.”

Bruce Lee, cat, calico, ginger

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Add A Hand-Painted Raised Pattern To A Lamp Shade Using Textura Paste!

{Although this post is sponsored by Wood Icing™, the idea and comments are my own.}

Don’t you love this extremely expensive custom lamp shade? (Snicker.)

Wood Icing Lamp Shade

Would you love to hear that I discovered the lamp and shade buried under camping gear in my attic over the weekend and that it went from bland dorm room to designer gorgeous in no time? Wood Icing™ Textura Paste is my new favorite play product. There are several awesome products in the Wood Icing line but I am still playing with the paste, pushing the creative envelope.

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According To Lacey Jane, The Most Important Cat

Calico On TableToday in honor of Memorial Day Weekend, the kitties are taking over the blog for me. Lacey Jane, normally sweet and docile, breaks bad and tells her story. The trio decided to name their random contributions.


” There they were. My younger sisters (but not really). The banes of my existence. Sunshine (AKA Sunny Delight) and Julie (AKA Buggy Buggerson). Lazing at the front door. Watching the day go by. Birds. Dogs. Humans. Clouds. Insects. Gumballs dropping from the roof. Licking stuff.

You get the picture.

cats, kitties, adventures, calicos, rescue cats“These two never hang out together. Ever. What are they up to? Why am I not invited? Well, other than the fact that I would break this little feline girl party right up and they know it.

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