Discovering The French Farmer’s Wife Barn Sale In Kernersville, North Carolina

Rarely do I ever seem to find a new inspiring, exciting, mind-blowing junkin’ event these days, at least near home in North Carolina. Surely, I have seen them all within driving distance. However, my junkin’ partner Gloria and I were truly awestruck today, just minutes from our homes, after entering the French Farmer’s Wife!

Open just one weekend per month, from Thursday thru Saturday, The French Farmer’s Wife features curated vignette after stunning vignette of must-have items, a feast for our eyes. Who were the masterminds behind this gorgeous treasure trove of rusty gold, of French goodies, amassed all in one bucolic location?

After my first lingering pass through, I had to find them and gush compliments! Kathee Zurian (right), barn owner, and her partner Gail Cetuka, are just beyond amazing. They are most talented pickers, passionate about French antiques, who were willing to totally convert a 2,500 square foot working horse barn into a magical oasis for junkers and antiques lovers like me.

(Photo courtesy of Seasons Style & Design magazine.)

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Awesome Junkin’ At The Thomasville, NC Chartreuse Barn Sale!


Here in North Carolina, winter can be a new experience every time you wake up. So heading over to the Chartreuse barn sale is perfect rain, snow or shine. Find this cool classy barn in Thomasville, NC, in a gorgeous setting in the country – but not too far out.

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Saturday Morning With Coffee, Junk And A Kitty

Hanging An Old Sign

The past year has been a blur of activity for me. My Patch of Blue Sky is my second business, and entrepreneurs know that carefree weekends rarely happen, even though weekends are spent doing what we love.

I have been working like a crazy person for clients on locally owned store updates, social media, websites, creative blogging for DIY paint and products. Not to mention developing training materials and traveling. I love it all!

But, I have had to decide what my business IS and what it is NOT. Sometimes figuring out what you are NOT is harder, but ultimately very freeing. Like getting rid of some junk and keeping the good stuff.

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Want To Join Me For The DIY Furniture Finish Challenge?

DIY Furniture Finish Challenge

Recently I announced the DIY Furniture Finish Challenge. I love figuring out how to get the look of an inspiration photo to share. And I’m thinking some of you might like to join me!

Here are the photos that several folks posted on Facebook that they would love to get a recipe for.

DIY Furniture Finish Challenge

I love the gorgeous yellow and grey pattern as inspiration for a furniture finish. What a lovely table top! And the soft grey, more modern shimmer on the dresser is classy and perfect for many pieces. The settee is rustic and inviting and a bit French.

DIY Furniture Finish Challenge

These finishes are quite crusty and worn!

Want to choose one or more to tackle? Simply analyze a photo. What products would be perfect to get the look? Then, choose colors and a finish, like wax or a clear coat.


Create the finish on a piece of furniture, or just use a sample board. Photograph the final finish, and write down your recipe including the products you used. Step by step photos with the instructions on how you got the look are preferred, but not required. Email it all to me to share on a future blog post and social media!

No deadline. We are all swamped. Just have fun with it!

I will choose one and post it as well.

Kim Yeager And I Collaborate On A Cute Stool for Display at Junk Bonanza!

Photo of Kim Yeager stool project

I had the leather hide and Kim had the adorable little stool. Together we created the finished piece. We love it!

The adorable, energetic and oh so talented Kim Yeager of Lark Nest Design and I met two years ago at the wild and crazy-wonderful September Junk Bonanza event in Shakopee, MN. She was displaying a cool piece of hers from Flea Market Style that featured Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in the Annie Sloan Unfolded booth where I was working. Plus, she was working the event with Ki Nassauer, upcycling guru, creator of Junk Bonanza and editor-in-chief of Flea Market Style Magazine.

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4 Steps To Junkin’ At The Salvage Yard: Good Stuff To Know Before You Go!

Debbie Dion Hayes pickin'

This is the pile I took home.

Last week I shared a pretty post about finding gorgeous patina in a nasty, filthy salvage yard. To some, a place to avoid at all costs. To me – more fun than a fun house! Pickin’ and grinnin’, discovering rusty gold and dreaming of the artsy possibilities.

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The Sassy Salvage Sisters And Their Talent For Display And Merchandising

Salvage Sisters Hannah (left) and Heather

Salvage Sisters Hannah (left) and Heather

What does this girl do all by her lonesome on a gorgeous 70-degree Saturday morning while the hubby is golfing and all of the junking friends are hither and yon? Well, I grabbed coffee and headed out to the Salvage Sisters, a shop 30 minutes down the road from our home in Greensboro, North Carolina. A lover of all things related to display and merchandising, I needed a fix of inspiration!

Salvage Sisters is a once-a-month-show run by two sisters with a passion for all things vintage, in Burlington. Every third Friday and Saturday of the month shoppers are greeted with new displays in their 4000 square foot space, jam packed with awesome vintage, upcycled, antique and handmade treasures! They truly have the best prices in the area and are happily pet, dealer, kid and people friendly!

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