Join Me At ArtFusion, Black Mountain, North Carolina!

Reverse Psychology: Painting On Glass workshop, September 20, 2017, in Black Mountain, NC

Craving a jump-start to get your creative juices flowing? Want to meet dozens of super-talented artists and instructors? Check out the ArtFusionEvent, in Black Mountain, North Carolina (my home state)!

Several classes are sold out, but there are still some spots left. Check it all out, and register today!

Register for my last available spot.

3 Fusion Mineral Paint Tile Stencil Canvases – Tutorial

Use Fusion Matthew Mead Metallic Paints and tile stencils to create the look of old ceiling tins | Tutorial

Do you love the look of old ceiling tins that are all the rage on social media just now? I do. There are so many options, including using paint and stencils for artful, gorgeous designs that range from aged and rustic, to elegant, to modern industrial.

At Fusion Mineral Paint, they have designed 4 lovely 12″ by 12″ tile stencils that vary from quite simple to very ornate.

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Wood Icing® Products Pair Perfectly With Chalk Paint®, Artisan Enhancements & Artsy Stencils

Wood Icing stenciled canvas art.

One of my absolute favorite pastimes is to get together with artist friends and shop owners who sell DIY products to play with exciting new paint and products. Lots of laughs, learning and good memories. And maybe a glass of wine…

A couple of months ago, a small, energetic group of friends gathered for a fun day and a half of sharing and hands-on experimentation.

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Check Out This Glass Art Sample For My ArtFusion Class in November

Art Fusion Funky Chunky Finishes for Cabinets & Furniture

I am in the process of having a blast creating all new finishes for my ArtFusion class in Santa Fe, on November 6. For the most part we will be painting finishes for cabinets and furniture.

And we will create one piece of glass art intended as an insert for cabinet doors. The idea is to capture family memories using a handwritten letter or note.

This class sample holds many memories for me…

…years ago after my Dad passed away I discovered a tiny, old, handwritten story in his little bible. I later learned that when he was a small boy he could not sit still in church, so his uncle wrote him stories – in their native French – to keep him amused.

I can just picture it. A little guy in a looming cathedral filled with the aroma of incense, all dressed up with his hair spit-combed by my Memere. He’s squirming in the pew and poking his big brother and sisters…

… and so began the story of the big dog adventure.

Stay tuned for the companion cabinet door sample to come soon.

Hope to see you there!

Announcing One-To-One Creative Skills Workshops For Retailers And Individuals!

Blue Sky Creative one-to-one workshops for retailers and individuals | Learn to use many DIY products for furniture finishes and artwork. Or learn to use WordPress, social media and email marketing tools.

Are you dying to learn new skills? Is it difficult to find workshops that fit into your crazy schedule and budget? Would you love to have personal training, tailored to exactly what YOU need?

Perfect! My One-To-One Workshops may be the solution for you. We can create your  personalized learning experience in my own quiet home studio and office.

Blue Sky One-To-One Workshops. Learn social media, creating a website and more plus furniture finishes.

Check out the topics below. Choose all business, specific furniture finishes, or a mix!

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Fusion Stencils, Metallics And Texture Make A Simple Plant Stand Gorgeous

{This post is sponsored by Fusion Mineral Paint. They graciously allow me to create projects with their amazing products. The content and ideas are my own.}

Fusion Mineral Paint stenciled and gilded plant stand project.

I am still working on projects in our happy, bright, living room. Years ago I rescued this substantial plant stand with visions of stenciling it like glam fabric to coordinate with our old and crusty column collection. You can see that it got a quick distressed finish and nothing else. So much potential was waiting to happen, right?

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Gilding Lily With A Touch of French Gilding Wax And An Old Silver Rosary

Gilding Lily a wooden santos

I fell in love with her in a warehouse. She was so forlorn. So sad. Hidden away in a dim, cold, storage building of treasures. Covered in dirt from the far corners of the earth. She looked – hardy. Sturdy. Like she’d been through life’s trials and tribulations.

One eyebrow was raised in anticipation of … something.

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