Our Devilishly Delicious Halloween Feast, or, BOO!

halloween party

Nobody, but nobody puts on a Halloween party like my friends Sandra, Kim, Sophie and their husbands!

They plan, scheme, cook like fiends, decorate devilishly and dress up in creative, creepy costumes. And they out-do themselves time and time again.

This evening soiree was a sit-down “Witches Stew” for 30 ghosts and goblins.

Check out some of the evening’s characters, the grub and the dastardly decor…

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Falling For This Seasonal Candle Holder Made With Wood Icing™ Textura Paste And A Glass Vase!

Photo of Wood Icing™ glass candleholder project{Although this post is sponsored by Wood Icing™, the idea and comments are my own.}

It’s finally fall! What a relief from our ultra-steamy heat and humidity here in North Carolina! Over the weekend I planted pansies and mums and added gorgeous funky non-traditional pumpkins, so my mind is on fall decorating. But you probably know that I am not a passionate, overly crazy seasonal decorator. A few carefully chosen accessories and I am happily DONE.

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Fabulous Flowers And Vignettes Abound At The Farmers Wife

Photo of the Farmer's Wife

I had to do it. I had to bust out of my office. Most days I am happy as a clam in my little nest – an office and studio filled with plants, inspiration and a kitty who manages it all. Today I had the wiggles that I could not squelch. One. Minute. Longer.

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1 Post = 9 Rustic Elegant Pottery Display Shelves!

North Carolina pottery displayed on chunky wood shelves.

Don’t you just love it when brilliance strikes? Admittedly it doesn’t strike me often.

Our area of North Carolina is famous for its potteries and gorgeous, varied styles. For ages I had been seeking a solution to display my growing collection of pottery pieces made by my ultra-talented potter friends. But our home is woefully devoid of enough surfaces to do them justice.

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The Sassy Salvage Sisters And Their Talent For Display And Merchandising

Salvage Sisters Hannah (left) and Heather

Salvage Sisters Hannah (left) and Heather

What does this girl do all by her lonesome on a gorgeous 70-degree Saturday morning while the hubby is golfing and all of the junking friends are hither and yon? Well, I grabbed coffee and headed out to the Salvage Sisters, a shop 30 minutes down the road from our home in Greensboro, North Carolina. A lover of all things related to display and merchandising, I needed a fix of inspiration!

Salvage Sisters is a once-a-month-show run by two sisters with a passion for all things vintage, in Burlington. Every third Friday and Saturday of the month shoppers are greeted with new displays in their 4000 square foot space, jam packed with awesome vintage, upcycled, antique and handmade treasures! They truly have the best prices in the area and are happily pet, dealer, kid and people friendly!

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