Easy, Inexpensive Summer Decorating From My Etsy Shop!

Summer decorating is easy and inexpensive with photo downloads from Etsy.com

Decorating your home or office? Need a wonderful gift for any occasion?

I am loading up tons of photos from trips to Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, and Puerto Rico that can be used alone as a single statement, or grouped together for fabulous impact. Think small – in a powder room. Or huge – use several over a sofa!

Mix and match! Choose from warm and cool colorways, castles, stunning doorways, and Marrakech moments. Old World and contemporary.

All you need to do is go to my Etsy shop, MyPatchOfBlueSky, and peruse my growing collection of gorgeous options! You will purchase a downloadable image, in JPG form, that will arrive, lightning-fast, as soon as you pay for your purchase!

You can print the photo on your own printer on photo paper, take it (or email it) to a local printer or Office Depot-type store, or upload it to a service like Shutterfly. Then pop into your own frame.

So easy!

PLUS, here’s a summer decorating coupon, that will save 30% on your purchase of $15 or more, thru August 31st!

Summer decorating is easy and inexpensive with photo downloads from Etsy.com

Once you have loaded up your Etsy shopping cart in my store, use this coupon code:


This coupon will apply to all items in my shop, and if you purchase 2 photos, it will be like getting a third free!

Happy shopping, and stop by often. I will be adding lots more photos all summer long!


Commission Your Beloved Dog Or Kitty Portrait On Etsy!

Commission your pet's portrait on Etsy.

Do you have a treasured pet? Do you love original art? Perfect! Commission your pet’s portrait!

It’s so easy. All you need to do is send me a good, color, close-up photo.

You will receive an original, signed, 8″ by 10″ ink and watercolor portrait, on high-quality watercolor paper, for only $85. Your order normally ships within 2 to 3 weeks, and it is ready for you to frame in your own style.

Get all of the details in my Etsy shop, MyPatchOfBlueSky. You can order directly from there.

Prefer a larger size, or multiple pets in one portrait? Just send me an email description, at Debbie@MyPatchOfBlueSky.com.


Shop For Jewelry Treasures, Link To DIY Painting Tutorials!

Shop Finishing Touches

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta have fun! Or even a girl’s guy.

Click on the image above to see new items in the FINISHING TOUCHES SHOP at My Patch Of Blue Sky. Discover weekly jewelry treasures from my world travel collections, in all budget ranges.

AND, while shopping, click on the images to link to my DIY tutorials and learn how to create the project or finish featured in the background photo!

My Color Inspiration Notebook Is Now Available in The USA And Canada!

Colour Inspiration Notebook For Creating Gorgeous Painted Furniture/Canada


by Debbie Dion Hayes & Friends from the USA and Canada

48 pages on heavy coated stock, 6″ by 9″

Built-in color wheel

$19.95 in the USA and Canada, plus applicable tax and shipping

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Introducing The Colour Inspiration Notebook In Canada!

Colour Inspiration Notebook For Creating Gorgeous Painted Furniture/Canada

The Colour Inspiration Notebook has now been published in Canada! It features all of the gorgeous furniture photography found in the original version, PLUS new photos of stunning furniture upcycling projects by many talented Canadians friends. And I am happy to say that it is printed in Red Deer, Alberta.


by Debbie Dion Hayes & Friends from Canada & USA

48 pages on heavy coated stock, 6″ by 9″

$19.95 plus tax and $7.00 shipping per book

Retailers in Canada coming soon!


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Announcing the DIY Furniture Finish Challenge!

DIY Furniture Finish Challenge

Do you have folders crammed with magazine clips? Is your Color Inspiration Notebook bursting at the seams like mine? Are your Pins overflowing on Pinterest?

DIY Furniture Finish Challenge

Have you collected zillions of fabulous inspirational photos with wonderful potential color ideas and combinations?

Great! Now you can not only use your inspiration collection, you can find out HOW TO DO THOSE FINISHES!

Are you excited yet? I am. This is going to be so fun for 2015.


Simply go to the My Patch Of Blue Sky Facebook page and post a very clear, close up, color photo of a project you are dying to do but have no idea how to do it. At least once a month I will choose one and create the finish as closely as possible. Then I will post the results and the DIY HOW-TO here on MyPatchOfBlueSky.com!

The description says furniture, but cabinets, walls and about anything else qualifies too!

How in the world can I do this? Well, 15 years of full-time faux finishing experience and clients representing several wonderful coordinating brands of paint and products helps!


I will also create a training module for you to use as a workshop! You will be able to find it in The Workshop Store.

The Workshop Store For DIY Product Retailers Is Open!

The Workshop Store Is Open

Do you need new, easy and inexpensive workshops to offer your customers?

Just in time for the New Year, The Workshop Store is open! Add new workshops for customers who are ready for new projects, using all of the product lines you sell.

I created it just for shop owners who sell DIY paint and products like Royal Design Studio, Wood Icing™, Chalk Paint®, Miss Mustard Seed and Artisan Enhancements. There are a dozen ready to go now, and more will be added often. You can even suggest new ones, based on your store needs and product lines. Continue reading

Announcing The Workshop Store, A DIY Painters Design Challenge & More for 2015!

Blue Sky Anniversary

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe My Patch Of Blue Sky is one year old. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and this is not my first business venture. I owned a faux finishing business for over 15 years, and I ran a small home décor shop called Feather Your Nest with three dear friends for a few years simultaneously.

It has been a fun year for me, with the worst challenge being that I work at home. I have always loved to leave the house, dressed for the day, to work in a studio or office environment filled with like-minded folks. The dynamic for creativity has now changed. I have to reach within myself, my print and internet resources and connections every day instead of brainstorming with peers in the room together.

Now I work with Lacey Jane, the kitty assistant, who works and snoozes by my elbow at the computer – or on top of my studio work table. We have some quality time, and I talk to her instead of myself.


Annie Sloan stockists shop redesign projects

Many readers think of me as a DIY project, design and travel blogger. I have been blogging for years, and love to mingle with other bloggers like I did again this year at the Haven Conference.

But, My Patch Of Blue Sky is also my business, and I am often asked what I do, other than blog.

In 2014, I worked with lots of wonderfully talented, dynamic Annie Sloan stockists. Three signed on quickly as my first clients, then the list evolved. We reinvented their existing stores, or designed new ones. We shopped for merchandise at the High Point and Atlanta Markets. I built websites, created email blasts and handled blogs and social media. We did workshops at their locations, and even created workshops for them to teach.

And we laughed, painted, stenciled, lugged furniture, shopped ’til we dropped and loved every minute of it. And I’m pleased to say that they tell me their businesses have grown with my help.

DIY paint and project samples

I also designed and wrote dozens of DIY paint and stencil projects for my fabulous clients, Royal Design Studio’s Paint + Pattern, Wood Icing™, Artisan Enhancements and Modern Masters. At times, I wondered if I had one more new idea in my brain, and somehow, the projects flowed!

Now I can say that I have a large portfolio of DIY paint, stencil, and related products to design with that blend beautifully with each other. Lots of exciting potential.


Color Inspiration Notebooks - USA and Canada

In August, I self-published the Color Inspiration Notebook for Creating Gorgeous Furniture. Who know that there would be dozens of retailers in the USA in half of the states. Plus one in Canada?

And who knew that The Colour Inspiration Notebook Canada will launch soon?

In early January, I will introduce The Workshop Store for retailers of DIY products who tell me they always need new, inexpensive, quality project workshops and furniture finishes to satisfy the never-ending demand by their customers. Running a store is daunting enough without the pressure of cobbling together new content.

The first offerings will be compiled from posts I have written for clients like Paint + Pattern and Wood Icing™, with their permission. Then I will add more, often.

Retailers will simply shop by drop-down tabs, choosing according to the product lines they sell.

For pure painting fun, I can’t wait to start the DIY Furniture Finish Design Challenge. So many times I pin stunning painted finish ideas on Pinterest, but how does one DO IT?

So, submit your inspiring photos for me to choose from on Facebook, and I will create a finish designed from the DIY paint and products I know and love.

Then I will share the recipe!

Stay tuned for details. 2015 is going to be a blast!Signature2






Order A Handmade Leather Stencil Brush Carrier For Your Sweetie For Christmas!

Buy this handmade leather stencil brush holder

Happy Holidays! And happy mad-dash shopping!

This year, I have had the pleasure of designing projects using Royal Design Studio stencils and products  – several each month. What a fun year!

One of my favorite ideas was this rolled-up stencil brush holder. I made it out of a leather hide and added a bronze enhancer on the end to hold it tightly closed.

Readers loved it! Many asked me to sell them. So here you are – a chance to buy one just in time for the holidays.

I will ship as quickly as possible. Each will be made to order. If you have a specific time frame, or wish to ship to a different address, please let me know.

$39.95 each + tax and shipping


* While supplies last. Closure baubles will vary, and may not match the photo. Shipping within the contiguous USA. Request a shipping quote for other areas by email at Debbie@MyPatchOfBlueSky.com.


AND! Today through midnight on Sunday, it just happens that Royal Design Studio is having an amazing sale on their awesome stencil brushes!

Here’s their link:


I swear I did not plan this, but what a great way to gift the perfect brush carrier, fill it with fresh new brushes, and save money!

Happy Holidays + Happy Stenciling


Exploring The Color Inspiration Notebook – The Built-In Color Wheel

My Notebook is a power-packed little tool. It’s only 6″ by 9″, but it is stuffed with inspiring details. Take the built-in color wheel, for example. It includes the traditional colors, plus neutrals and metallics:

The Color Inspiration Notebook built-in color wheel

There are gorgeous photos of painted furniture by many passionate, talented artists. Plus photography of architecture, nature, and worldly travels – color combinations in abundance. Not to mention, you will begin to see color ideas everywhere as you go about your day.

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