Inspiring Quilts of Tazewell, Virginia – the Patterns, the Colors, the Designs!


Recently, several of my Art Ladies friends journeyed north to Tazewell, Virginia, to spend a lovely, relaxing weekend with member and master glass artist Nancy Brooks of Sleepin’ Dog. In my pre-trip post I mentioned our typical agenda, but we never really know what will be in store until our arrival.

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Art Ladies Road Trip To Sleepin’ Dog In Virginia!

The artful home of Nancy Brooks of Sleepin' Dog.

Many years ago a small group of women artists and art lovers in Greensboro, North Carolina formed the Art Ladies. We were members of a local arts organization and just loved each others’ company. So, over 15 years, through good times and sad times we have met as much as possible on a monthly basis. In restaurants, at gallery openings, in our homes, always over wine and a delicious dinner. And good conversation that always leads to art.

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4 Steps To Junkin’ At The Salvage Yard: Good Stuff To Know Before You Go!

Debbie Dion Hayes pickin'

This is the pile I took home.

Last week I shared a pretty post about finding gorgeous patina in a nasty, filthy salvage yard. To some, a place to avoid at all costs. To me – more fun than a fun house! Pickin’ and grinnin’, discovering rusty gold and dreaming of the artsy possibilities.

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Discovering Artful Salvage Yard Patina: An Expedition

Debbie Dion Hayes pickin'

As a DIY blogger, I normally design projects for my own home, using items I already have to upcycle and re-purpose. Sometimes, I just crave getting out of the house to get down and get seriously dirty to hunt for treasures. Junkin’ has always been in my blood!

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Bruce Lee The Cat’s Chalk Paint® Adventures

It seems our kitties get lots of attention on Facebook and in my posts. They are gorgeous, loveable rescues who have given us their lifetimes full of happiness. In honor of Bruce Lee, our youngest, who went to kitty heaven this year, here is a re-post from my former blog,


“All’s well that ends well,” says Bruce Lee. “I did get into some mischief. Never knew that the female human had her camera out. However, I did get to try a bit of painting with my tail. My sisters had an outing. Then I got my picture taken. I have to say, I am looking fine. And this Florence liquid stuff is definitely my color.”

Bruce Lee, cat, calico, ginger

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The Sassy Salvage Sisters And Their Talent For Display And Merchandising

Salvage Sisters Hannah (left) and Heather

Salvage Sisters Hannah (left) and Heather

What does this girl do all by her lonesome on a gorgeous 70-degree Saturday morning while the hubby is golfing and all of the junking friends are hither and yon? Well, I grabbed coffee and headed out to the Salvage Sisters, a shop 30 minutes down the road from our home in Greensboro, North Carolina. A lover of all things related to display and merchandising, I needed a fix of inspiration!

Salvage Sisters is a once-a-month-show run by two sisters with a passion for all things vintage, in Burlington. Every third Friday and Saturday of the month shoppers are greeted with new displays in their 4000 square foot space, jam packed with awesome vintage, upcycled, antique and handmade treasures! They truly have the best prices in the area and are happily pet, dealer, kid and people friendly!

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Read This And You Will Be In Sunny Puerto Rico On The Beach!

The weather for most of us has been bitter cold, dreary, snowy and just plain miserable. Here in North Carolina we just had our biggest snowfall in 14 years – 8 inches – and we are ready for the sixty degree weather promised this week.

Normally in early February hubby and I are basking in the sun with family and friends at a favorite resort in Puerto Rico. For me and the ladies – mimosas, cards, reading, cabana time, snoozing, laughing, shopping, and eating something delectably Caribbean.

Not this year. My new business is booming! So, here are a few Blue Sky Style vacay photos from years past – to you from me. Lets enjoy and dream a little.

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Introducing Blue Sky Style!

Welcome to my new business adventure! I am thrilled to begin blending my marketing, social media, blogging and artistic backgrounds to execute creative solutions primarily for wonderful independent retail shops. Plus, I will be introducing wonderful customized workshops to teach lovers of functional art how easy it is to be artistic with the right products!

Here resides a new blog, plus pages of my offerings as they evolve, so stop by often.

During this process of reinventing myself, I named my personal style Blue Sky Style. Search as I may for a defining style in the world, I haven’t found the real me. I thought I was eclectic. Or a little primitive with some rustic thrown in. Nothing fit. Thus Blue Sky.

I’ve accumulated my style no matter where I have roamed on this planet. From the wilds of Tanzania to the middle of the Mercato Centrale in Florence, Italy and beyond. Everywhere I roam I can look up to see a blue sky just like at home in North Carolina. My memories of wonderful food and wines, castles and courtyards abound. Coupled with loving purchases from afar all make the blue sky where our home is located so much richer. Above all, the friendships that I am blessed to have made worldwide make me a better person every day.

I admit that I collect experiences and attempt to surround myself in them. Photos, purchases from worldwide travels, rustic treasures and special jewelry pieces that evoke the exact spot I was standing in when purchased. Not to mention who I was with and the meal we had just shared and the laughs, and … you understand. Fortunately, my husband is a kind man who loves nothing more than to just let me do my thing.

I have co-owned a quaint tiny shop named Feather Your Nest and a faux finishing business named Faux Design Studio which inhabited several studios over the years. There and at home, folks enter and want to stay. They sigh and beg to call our place a hideout from their crazy world. So, the essence of that feeling is what I am calling Blue Sky Style!

— Debbie Dion Hayes