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Color Inspiration Notebook by Debbie Dion Hayes


by Debbie Dion Hayes & Friends from the USA and Canada

48 pages on heavy coated stock, 6″ by 9″

Built-in color wheel

$19.95 in the USA and Canada, plus applicable tax and shipping


Choosing the perfect color when painting furniture can be extremely intimidating for many reasons. Color is so personal – it reflects our style in the clothing we wear, the cars we drive and in our home decor. And who wants to make a mistake? Repaint that piece of furniture? Choose another color? Spend more time and money?

Hence, here is a pretty little tool to help you collect inspiration as you travel through life.

The photographs you see on the front of each page are mostly mine, snapped on my travels through Europe and North Africa, at home, or in furniture and accessory showrooms. I have learned to see color combinations and patterns everywhere – a lovely flower, a bird, a plate of perfectly presented food in a restaurant. Especially in my own closet. Study the colors you love to wear, and I am willing to bet that you will like most of the same colors painted on a special piece of furniture.

Several of the furniture pieces within are my creations, but I really wanted to share the work of many friends in the USA and Canada who love to paint furniture. Their photos are included, and their names can be found on the back of the corresponding pages. The USA and Canadian versions are a bit different, since the Canadian Notebook was added later.

I am thrilled to be self-published. And also especially proud to print the books in the USA and Canada by amazing printers.


Colour Inspiration Notebook For Creating Gorgeous Painted Furniture/Canada

Find gorgeous, inspiring photos from around the globe, organized by the color wheel, plus neutrals, white, grey, brown, black and metallics.


Colour Inspiration Notebook For Creating Gorgeous Painted Furniture/Canada

This is the area to play to your creative heart’s content. Clip, staple or tape ideas to jump start your painted furniture projects.

Extra blank pages in the back allow even more room to play and make painted color samples.

The Notebook is sold in 28 states and Canada. I would love for you to find your local retailer, or order directly below.

The price is $19.95 in the USA and Canada, plus applicable tax and shipping.

Please order the version that corresponds to your own country of residence.

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Notebook Paypal Buttons

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Happy painting!

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  11. SO great to meet you in Toronto Debbie! I am uber inspired!!!
    Thanks for all of the great ideas and advice!

    • Lynda, absolutely my pleasure. I love to be included and I learn so much from you as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

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