1 Post = 9 Rustic Elegant Pottery Display Shelves!

North Carolina pottery displayed on chunky wood shelves.

Don’t you just love it when brilliance strikes? Admittedly it doesn’t strike me often.

Our area of North Carolina is famous for its potteries and gorgeous, varied styles. For ages I had been seeking a solution to display my growing collection of pottery pieces made by my ultra-talented potter friends. But our home is woefully devoid of enough surfaces to do them justice.

Then I spied a 6″ by 6″ chunky rustic post from a junkin’ trip way in the back yard waiting months for a purpose. An upcycling project was born.

North Carolina pottery on rustic wood displays.

Hubby cut them into nice chunks after letting the post dry out for a week or so in the sun. But how to hang them so they would stay flush to the wall?

Ta-dah! He is the king of hanging stuff for me.

The rustic wood pottery display mounting solution.

I could not talk him into hanging all nine pieces in perfect rows, but I managed. And they are not perfect since each piece is so different. Math is not my strong suit.


Be sure to seal this kind of wood that may have oil or resin leaking from it. I used regular shellac. You’ll notice a semi-circle of oily stuff staining the wall under the shelf on the top left where I missed one. Just need to re-seal it and touch up the wall.

I love this. How about you. What are your flashes of brilliance?

42 thoughts on “1 Post = 9 Rustic Elegant Pottery Display Shelves!

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  2. I love this look. Great display shelves that do your pottery pieces justice. What do you call that little piece, it almost looks like a keyhole but it looks like it kinda juts out a little for the head of the nail to catch on ? I have got to get some just in case i run across an old 4×4 ( = Thanks and have a great weekend.

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  4. Hi, did these just hang on the drywall? Or are you hanging them on the bearers behind the drywall. Just thinking about weight.

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  7. Hi , I love this projekt . It’s do diferent and Cool
    So we are moving in to new home in few days and I want to make this in my dinnig room.
    I have 6 by 6 wood beam . How big I have to cut the pieces ? They are squere or a bit longer ?

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  9. Do you worry about the piece moving? The keyhole has to be perfectly centered, right? I would be afraid that a slammed door would send my pottery flying! LOL!

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  12. I want to make these shelves! I see that the 6″X 6″ post makes it the shelf square from the front view, ***but what is the depth of each? It could be cool to have them different depths depending on what you are placing on each one? I love your design though and want to have the shelves deep enough to display items like yours.

    • Hi Susa,

      I measured the lenght, depth, and width of the post (which is square), and then used the same measurement to cut each piece so they are square. Makes sense? Have fun!

      Thanks for reading!

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